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Journal Journal: ACLU T-Shirts...

The ACLU is selling T-Shirts with their logo that says "Dissent is Patriotic".

That's adorable.

Comment How does refusing work make you an employee? (Score 1) 131

If I work as a contractor through a management company and turn down projects, they're going to start paying someone else who actually wants to do the work.

And if I don't have the proper tools for the jobs, I don't get the jobs.

A 2 door car is not sufficient because the passenger is trapped until the driver lets them out.

A beat up junker isn't sufficient because passengers expect a car that will make it to the destination.

There's a very huge difference between not being available during certain hours and selectively saying "nope" to passengers.

Comment Ignorant (Score 0, Troll) 131

The whole point is that taxis operate at excessive costs and poor quality precisely because of a playing field that is stupid.

Uber is playing on an entirely different field.

And if you don't want to play on it, you can go be a taxi driver.

It's completely ignorant to demand companies play on the "same playing field" when the whole point is to escape the existing one.

You're not an employee of Uber. You're a contractor. You set your own hours. If you don't like the terms, find another job.

If you like the terms of being a taxi driver better, be a taxi driver.

Comment Re:Glad they made amends (Score 1) 259

In the USA, Maxim never had nudes, but it was fun and hilarious. Now, it's mostly boring. The articles read like National Geographic for rich millennials-- and mind you, I've enjoyed reading National Geographic since I was a kid. The guy who bought them thought the world needed another Details, when it didn't even buy the original Details.

Comment Re:DOS Hackers (Score 1) 612

Surge protectors can be pretty reliable, as long as you have a good quality one (330V) and a PROPERLY WIRED, GROUNDED RECEPTACLE. The ground pin in my apartment 9 years ago was shorted to HOT, so when we had a surge, the surge protector could not direct it to ground and the MOV took the entire surge, which cooked it. When I came home, I was treated to the stench of a smoldering surge protector. We were frighteningly close to a fire.

Comment Re:That the only way to (Score 1) 612

I remember I had a Zoom 14.4 modem that had no error correction or compression in hardware, so it was actually slower than my roommate's 2400 bps modem unless I used the funky Windows 3.1 terminal software it came with that wouldn't run in a Win-OS/2 session. I also remember that somehow, IBM's internet service software must have had compression built into it too, because I used to get almost 3K/s downloads with it (but it was way more expensive than the mom'n'pop ISP).

Comment Working Class Not Funding Your Vacation (Score -1) 722

Film at 11.

The only people who support this garbage are people who envision themselves as the beneficiaries.

How nice that someone else is working hard so that you don't have to.

Socialist fantasies are being rejected all over the place because the working class is who has to pay for that nonsense.

There is a huge difference between helping people get ahead in life (education and healthcare) and making their life easier at the expense of others.

It's bad enough we have to fund the leisure class we call government.

Comment Re:What does it taste like ? (Score 1) 292

People taste things differently. I have no patience for picky people who refuse to try anything new like they're still 3 years old, but lemongrass tastes like lemon Pledge to me, cilantro tastes like soap to my wife, and both items are liberally thrown in food while only noting "spices" on the ingredients. Both of us pretty much eat anything, but it is annoying when we eat Indian or Mexican food and run into these ingredients. Quinoa hasn't impressed me too much, but I'm still open to trying some more. I guarantee that most people aren't enjoying it as much as you.

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