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Comment Re:This again? (Score 1) 352

You're right, in a pedantic sort of way. It's an easily human readable translation of machine code. But in a practical sort of way, you can program in it, thus it can be considered a "language".

You have completely missed the point. I didn't says that there is no assembly language, but that there is not a single language called "Assembly." Practically, x86 assembly language is completely different from ARM assembly language. It makes no more sense to talk about "Assembly" as a single language than to talk about "Natural Language" as a single language. Someone who speaks Mandarin cannot communicate with someone who speaks Italian just because those are both natural languages.

Comment Re:This again? (Score 4, Informative) 352

"Assembly" is not a programming language. Rather, there is at least one "assembly language" for each CPU instruction set. More importantly, compilers rarely produce any kind of assembly language any more, though there are various types of intermediate representations used by interpreters and compilers. Every CPU executes instructions in a machine language. There are several such languages in common use, most importantly those understood by the x86 and ARM families.

Comment Unusual situation (Score 4, Insightful) 67

Usually, we have a company that makes garbage no one wants, so when they liquidate they have a ton of stock. This is unfortunate... and stupid, because it seems like they should have taken SOME KIND of action before they had nothing to sell.

I wonder exactly how terrible they are when they have a product with a solid demand, yet no one will invest in them. There has to be embezzlement.

Comment How much do they vary? (Score 4, Informative) 231

You make an assertion that there are "dramatic" changes in the text, but is that true?

Here is an example of analysis of the Great Isaiah Scroll from the Dead Sea scroll find. It dates to 200 B.C., only 500 years after Isaiah wrote the original and over one thousand years older than the previously used manuscript (used in the King James Version of the Bible).

Is that a "dramatic" change the closer you get?

Comment Re: Oh Noes!!!!!! (Score 1) 79

Yes, because they have value. All prizes are taxable income. That's why you hear so often of someone winning a house or car, and having to sell it because otherwise they'd be on the hook for taxes they can't afford. Some organizations now award some cash along with the grand prizes so that they can pay the tax.

I would prefer that there be some sort of deferral for X number of years, or when the prize is sold, for non-cash prizes. But who am I kidding? We really need to get rid of Federal direct taxes on income. There's your problem.

Comment No affordable 4K projectors yet (Score 1) 207

The last "HD" TV I bought was 8 years ago and was a 32" 720p. It has long been replaced with digital projectors. I get a much bigger "screen" for about the same money.

You're much better off with a 1080p digital projector than some TV. Most TV viewing happens in the evening anyway so lighting isn't much of an issue.

With 4K, a monitor is your most affordable option.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Kapla: Spirals

Just building stuff, sometimes continuing the following week: Week 1 Week 2

The booklet had a spiral which took some time to figure out. Basically, 2 pieces in the middle, and 1 on each side of it, which makes it look really cool, and more importantly, supports the turned pieces. They do a slow turn though.

Comment Re: Thelema (Score 1) 539

Why should it be faith-breaking to believe that the resurrection is also metaphorical or symbolic?

Because it's written in the gospels and the book of Acts about how he appeared to thousands after the resurrection? This is reported historically, not as a metaphor out of some prophet's mouth.

impregnate a human virgin and reanimate the decaying flesh of that dead offspring

Your disrespectful and misleading word choice betrays your bias.

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