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Comment If you want to write a book, just do it (Score 2) 376

Sure, yeah, you could take a few weekend courses and bang out some stuff and possibly even find a job paying decent money.

But if you want to move up in the world you need to turn your hack and slash techniques into a refined art.

The kind of crap commodity programmers write is the stuff that skilled developers get paid a lot of money cleaning up or just re-implementing.

It the difference between dime store trashy romance novels and real actual novels. The different between the the Divergent movies and Hunger Games.

If you're content being a direct to DVD wholesaler of crap sure, just get to work.

If you want to work in the big leagues on important things, you need to be open to learning some things and respect the craft.

Comment Re:Unregulated (Score 1) 333

It's hard to say it's unregulated.

First of all, certain things are required on the packaging. Those are regulations.

The ingredients list is one of those things. It's supposed to reflect what is inside. If it doesn't, that's fraud.

If you want to ensure that every container accurately reflects its ingredients, you'll have to have FDA inspectors present at every production facility, just like USDA inspectors are present at every slaughterhouse.

You'll be sure there's aloe in the aloe gel. The only problem is, it will cost so much to manufacture that only megacorps will be able to sell any. Small businesses will be shut out. And the products will probably cost twice as much.

What we need are more studies like these, to catch the fraudsters-- not more regulations.

Comment Clearly We Need Government Intervention (Score 0, Offtopic) 403

This obsession with "fake" news is all about one thing: government censorship.

All this study proves is that young kids are gullible (duh) and our public education system is one of the worst in the world (not news).

First liberals complained about Citizens United endlessly. And now that Trump won with far less spending than Hillary, suddenly they're concerned about "fake" news while ignoring the false editorializing of the liberal media and rampant lead burying.

Liberal Fascists just can't stand that they no longer control the narrative. And it's really a thumb in their eye whenever Trump tweets out something they don't like. Historically, if the President wanted to say something, they had to go through the filter of the press.

Not anymore.

And good riddance.

Comment Re:They didn't succeed though (Score 4, Insightful) 667

*sigh* He's not. You never saw Rev. Sharpton hanging out with David Duke, but you saw him with Trump. You saw Jesse Jackson with Trump. You saw Latinos rallying for Trump

This "Trump is a racist" meme was entirely fabricated by the left-wing media that took offense to his "Mexican rapist" speech-- when "Mexican" is a nationality and arguably an ethnicity, not a race-- and decided to pretend he was advocating for white supremacy. Trump also once made a contemptuous statement about women-- about the same time Hillary was calling young black men "superpredators" and lauding the continued disarmament of them through gun control laws. I am aghast at how much traction this completely fact-free narrative took-- but not surprised, because it's easier to vilify someone than refute his points and policies. And I'm a guy who voted for Gary Johnson.

Comment You Can't Be Serious (Score 1) 243

"Michael also believes that Trump has been singled out by God to be president of the United States, a conspiracy theory popular with 4chan users who believe that Pepe the Frog is a reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian deity."

This is your story? Do people also seriously believe in the flying spaghetti monster?

Liberals are really digging deep for their Gulf of Tonkin to establish their Ministry of Information to "protect" us from contrary information.

First they came for Pepe the Frog...

Comment term limits? elections (Score 1) 1081

Less freedom is not the way to fix the problem.

If elections aren't throwing the bums out, then fix the way we do elections so that they work right. The mathematics of the system ensure that we self-limit our own freedom by looking at only two candidates as real possibilities. Isn't that foolish?

How to fix? Condorcet voting, for one. Proportional representation in one chamber of state legislatures, for another.

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