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Comment Re:Vigorous debate? Surely you jest (Score 3, Insightful) 487

Your problems are twofold.

1. You think libertarian is a synonym for conservative,
2. You believe that now that leftist voices don't drown out all others, that Slashdot is now a "conservative echo chamber." This is the response of people who are not used to having their ideas challenged.

Slashdot has always leaned left. Now it's centrist. And that bothers you. Ars Technica is leaning further left these days, so go hang there. They have a user moderation system that's dumber than Slashdot's, but at least you won't get the banhammer for irking any of the hired moderators on the articles anymore.

Comment Re:Bad data from poor implementation (Score 2) 487

Indeed. This system is a fraud that only replaces multiple welfare programs with cold, hard cash. It might reduce costs of administration, but it isn't basic income.

I would like to see a basic income program that truly pays everyone, but with the ability for those who don't need it to opt out. Let's see the wealthy progressives literally put their money where their mouths are.

Comment Re:Unintended consequences (Score 2) 487

This is clearly need-based in thinking.

If one person can get by on $X, it doesn't mean two people need $X*2. Housing is normally the greatest cost to a household. My rent or mortgage has always been my biggest bill, even when I lived in a dump in the 1990s. I had a new car, and the rent was still double the car payment.

Comment Research Paper (Score 1) 56

Luminescence can be used to create a depth map using two offset images.

3D movies and VR headsets don't work for everyone and create headaches for a variety of reasons, one probably being the lack of bit depth. It's much harder to judge depth when the colors are so close together.

Comment The problem is depth perception (Score 1, Informative) 56

Your eyes are far better at matching light frequencies between both eyes to get the depth mapping correct. Your standard camera can only distinguish 24 bits of light frequency. At that level you get somewhat of a depth map but not a very good one.

Lasers try to get around that limitation by using a frequency the camera can easily pick up and compare between the two images. If you could use the whole image and any frequency, you'd be a lot better off.

That's ultimately the challenge: getting cameras that are not only incredibly sensitive to light frequency, but also very high resolution. Or they'll need to get the cameras looking around just like your eyeballs.

In a 3D mapped world, all the depth information is 100% accurate.

They'd need to render 48-64 bit color to emulate what might be possible in the real world to get accurate depth information.

Comment Fact "Checking" (Score 1) 70

I suppose this fact checking article is technically accurate for a very specific and narrow set of criteria... which aren't even well defined in TFA. (Technically right? That's the best kind of right!)

It reminds me of these recent fact checks:

"Pants on fire" - (Number is correct, but fails to mention the cause)
"False" - (Transgender girls aren't boys)
"Mostly False" - (The numbers are valid, the comparison is questionable)

Comment Medicare and SS are separate tax streams (Score 2) 249

We pay 12.5% of our income to SS and Medicare. If those are pulling funds from income tax to pay for them then that's an issue.

What people what reduced is income tax.

You can't conflate SS, Medicare taxes with income tax.

There are very distinct things. And as such you have to talk about the programs they fund separately.

Comment Not everyone is Infomercial level incompetent (Score 1) 344

There are some people who can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.

We don't outlaw walking and chewing bubble gum.

What we need to do is have harsher penalties for people who cause accidents so that if you can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, you are highly motivated to not try just because Bob over there is doing it just fine.

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