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Comment "Daring people people to switch to Linux"? (Score 1) 174

Perhaps they're daring people to switch to another office product. I don't see how the operating system underneath is of much relevance. Even from that measure, it seems like this move is targeted at companies using an installed product with a business cloud storage. So if someone were to flip office suites, what alternatives are there for that?

I think the LibreOffice team should be looking at where MS Office is going with cloud storage and make sure their product offers something equivalent. If it does, they can pick up some of the business that needs analogous features before it can jump from the MS train.

Comment Subway's Chicken (Score 1) 286

Here is the ingredients for chicken strips from their own site:

CHICKEN STRIPS Boneless skinless chicken breast with rib meat, water, contains 2% or less soy protein concentrate, modified potato starch, sodium phosphate, potassium chloride, salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, flavors, natural flavors, dextrose, caramelized sugar, paprika, vinegar solids, paprika extract, chicken broth. Contains soy.

So 50% does sound excessive but perhaps soy concentrate & potato starch expands when the water is added to it meaning its volume is significantly more than the 2% listed above as dry ingredients.

Comment Re: How to copy? (Score 1) 167

How do you know it didn't have a connection? Handheld devices can talk remotely to a base station at the counter in the restaurant. It would either dial up on demand over a telephone line or it would be connected over a data network. Even a restaurant on a mountain can get a network - probably easier than some other places since it's probably line of sight with a mast.

Comment Re: How to copy? (Score 1, Informative) 167

As opposed to Europe, where the European chipped card could work in a place with no phone reception and no network access, the balance would be kept on the card, and the balance would later be reconciled in a central ledger at the end of the day, or at the end of the week (I'm not sure which). But this of course made the card super fast to use.

I haven't seen any chip and pin device in Europe that DOESN'T require an authentication / authorization step. If it's allowed at all it would only be on small transactions - train tickets, snacks etc. The same is true for contactless transactions which don't require authentication on small payments but will still authorise payment usually by asking a server.

It also doesn't make the process any slower in my experience than paying by swipe. If chip and pin is slow in the US it's probably more to do with people being unfamiliar with the process, inconsistencies between different stores / banks, or people forgetting their pin etc.

Comment Re:X also has stuff! (Score 1) 224

You can run X on Windows too. Can I get FVWM to manage the windows that aren't in X?

That's a pretty stupid question. The answer is yes assuming you have a remote client for whatever it is you're trying to work with.

So tell me, how do I get FVWM to manage a Wayland window (I actually know the answer. Do you?).

That's also a pretty stupid question. Why do you need to run Wayland at all if you're happy with X and some antiquated desktop environment? Why are you threatened by other people who might prefer a modern, responsive desktop and prefer an architecture that allows windows and the compositor to run as efficiently as possible on the hardware?

No it isn't. Many, many, MANY people have said the same things about X. Unless you can provide some serious arguments to back it up, you're full of crap.

The multitude of ways it is broken have been written about in detail by people who've had to write extensions to work around the brokenness. Pretending it isn't broken suggests you know more about X than they do or you haven't bothered to read or understand those explanations. Perhaps you should even offer to maintain the codebase or produce a dist which exclusively uses X11 if you're so offended that other people might not share your views.

Comment Re:X also has stuff! (Score 1) 224

Sure but my argument was it's sad to lose the rich variety we have now.

You don't lose the "rich variety". You can fire up X if you like, even run X over Wayland. There's no need for the local desktop to suffer to run X though and X absolutely is horribly broken in a multitude of ways that no amount of extensions would have fixed.

Comment Re:H2 is actually gaining (small) market presence (Score 1) 151

Yes complex system. Hydrogen has to be stored at enormous pressure which means bulky carbon reinforced tanks with safety release valves and valves in order to charge them at immense pressure. And the fuel is hideously expensive. And the fuel cell is enormous. And you need some batteries and regenerative braking systems to smooth out power flow. And massive air intakes to suck oxygen in at speed but which conversely affect vehicle efficiency. And enormous, massive pressurized hydrogen tanks along each route to store the fuel, and cryogenically pressurized trucks supplying the hydrogen.

I guess it's impressive that they got a truck to move on hydrogen. It isn't a feasible system though. If they want to power trucks from a fuel cell then ethanol makes far more sense as a fuel source.

Comment Re:H2 is actually gaining (small) market presence (Score 1) 151

Europe has mandated that all charge stations must support CCS type 2 and accept common forms of payment and charge customers on a non-discriminatory basis. Even Tesla in Europe will be required to comply with so I don't see that DRM is implicit to charging networks.

It just requires the US and other regions to grow a pair and mandate standards that vehicles must comply with. CCS type 1 would be the natural choice and it would mean the likes of the proprietary Tesla charger (which Tesla doesn't even use in Europe) and the craptastic chademo will fall away over time.

Comment Re:H2 is actually gaining (small) market presence (Score 1) 151

Pledging to eliminate all ICE cars by 2050 is such a far off claim as to be meaningless. And if they're replacing them with vehicles which derive their fuel from the same fossil fuels then its doubly so.

Hydrogen is just a dumb means to power vehicles. It's very hard to transport, very hard to contain, incredibly flammable, very hard to produce and all round just a terrible idea. Personally I think fuel cells have potential but only when they use ethanol as their input. Ethanol fuel cells still use hydrogen but it's way easier to transport and store and it can be produced from biomass making it almost carbon neutral. Ethanol is also a common fuel in places like Brazil and trials of fuel cells using it are already ongoing there.

Toyota really isn't going to get anywhere with hydrogen. It's a white elephant.

Comment Re:The Hot Startup nobody every heard of? (Score 2) 167

Tesla sells something tangible and is capturing a large chunk of emerging markets such as solar and battery production with enormous factories. Naturally they face risks but generally speaking their plan is sane.

Uber is more like Groupon. It's a service company with a dubious business model, a deteriorating reputation, an overhyped market valuation and a strong likelihood that it could come crashing down at any moment. The only reason people still fund it is they hope to cash out at a profit to some other sucker before that happens.

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