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Comment Mupen64Plus (Score 1) 190

I'm the maintainer of Mupen64Plus, an open source N64 emulator. I've heard rumors that 2 distributors (yongzh and zottd) were violating the GPL license of my project by distributing derived versions on the Android market without any offer for source code. I was going to contact the SFLC to go after these guys but haven't taken the time to do so yet. If google has pulled their products down already then it saves me the trouble of going after them. Breaking the spirit of OSS; bad karma for them.

Comment Re:Screw Sharepoint (Score 4, Insightful) 225

I agree that SharePoint sucks, and I took a training course. I work for a large corp that has migrated all of the intranet to SP and my colleagues and I pretty much universally dislike it. It's slow, bloated, and the access controls are like a Soviet bureaucracy. If the only software that you use is Microsoft, then it can be a useful tool. But if you try to deal with Sharepoint using Firefox or Linux, it is extremely frustrating. If you are accustomed to the openness and speed of mediawiki then SP feels like a dog. I'll be setting up a Wave server as soon as google releases the source.

Comment Re:So basically (Score 1) 217

Hmm, I've already done something similar. I wrote a GUI in python using pygame for system/game selection. 47,000 ROMS including MAME, 14 or 15 consoles from the atari 2600 up to the N64, 7 home computers, and 4 handhelds. I haven't created any website for it because it really needs to be an integrated system - making it all run on a different machine/OS would take a lot of work. Almost all of the emulators have been modified to work seamlessly. All of them except one (for the Lynx) is compiled from source. It's all running on Fedora 8, 64-bit. MESS doesn't really cut it for a lot of the systems; see: I also lead the mupen64plus project:

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