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Comment Huffington Post liked to do that too (Score 1) 311

Huffington Post stole one of my clips and then when I served them with a DCMA notice, they *tried* to retroactively claim it was there. Fortunately I was able to protect my content, but it was only because I was firm about my intentions, otherwise, they would have kept using my content without permission.

Comment Re:I liked the cartoon that read: (Score 1) 662

<quote><p>Child invents Islamophobia detector.</p></quote>

But ironically when some asshole burns down a Synagogue and stabs a Rabbi, that's not labeled a hate crime? Go fuck yourself. Have some perspective. And he didn't INVENT anything, the little shit just repackaged an already existing clock. ...and I hate to break your bubble, bu that's a rudimentary beginning skill in bomb making, to re-purpose a clock.So yeah, people have right to be concerned.


Comment Re:A bit high (Score 1) 1040

who's ranting or insulting?

Again, just because it's a full time job, does not mean you get to reap the rewards that others enjoy. There's a simple solution for that, improve your skills and make like the Jeffersons....Movin' on up....

Let's face it, not everyone is meant to be a Fortune 500 CEO, and nobody is completely worthless....they can always serve as a bad example. That doesn't make me dis-compassionate, it just acknowledging the reality.

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