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Comment Re:"Designers" are taking over. That's the problem (Score 2) 443

Programmers are responsible for the GIMP GUI. Fuck programmer-designed user interfaces.

Programmers designed the pre-Office 2007 GUI. Result? Microsoft fielded a hojilliion support calls with people making feature requests for features that were _already implemented_. But nobody could figure out where they were or how to work them!

Functionality that people can't use and can't discover is absolutely useless. Let's hope for more designers and less developers.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm missing something (Score 1) 663

Not in the least bit. C89's restriction (gone in C99) encourages you to leave uninitialized variables lying all over the place (since you can't always initialize everything correctly at the top of the function), which invites bugs, and, worse, encourages developers to reuse a single variable for multiple purposes, due to the inconvenience of having to go back to the top of the function and the fact that some things like loop indices are necessarily scoped inappropriately. This re-use hurts code clarity a great deal.

Mixed declarations and code are the only thing that make sense.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 663

Java may have a single-rooted hierarchy, but its OO model (static typed, v-table lookups) is _not_ the same as Smalltalk's (dynamic typed, message name lookups (though I think with optional use of selectors? Certainly in Obj-C, so I assume also in Smalltalk). Java's style of OO is the same as C++ and Simula.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm missing something (Score 1) 663

Nonsense. C++ has different syntax, semantics, idioms, and libraries to C. I'm a long-time C++ programmer who's recently had to undertake a project that unfortunately requires me to write C89, and it has been quite a struggle to adjust to the new (to me) language. No more mixed declarations and code, barely any type-checking, no more constructors and destructors (let alone methods or inheritance), no more collections classes, no more exceptions, no more lambdas--it requires a totally different approach to software development that is completely unfamiliar to me, and completely inappropriate to C++.


Submission + - Is Microsoft too slow to make a decent browser? (

cremou-brulee writes: Ars Technica discusses whether Microsoft's platform-oriented corporate culture is appropriate in the rapid-paced world of browser development. It wasn't this way during the browser wars, but now the company is resting on its monopolistic laurels. From the story: "Internet Explorer 9 is looking promising. But it's up against stiff competition, and that competition isn't standing still. Can Microsoft actually move fast enough to keep its browser relevant, or does its corporate culture of stable, solid, immutable platforms stand in the way of regaining the success the company once had?"

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