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Comment Re:Study confirms [Re:Dont you mean "oppresing" (s (Score 1) 157

oh - i don't think anyone would argue that sysadmins aren't idiots - just in different spheres of knowledge or influence.
i certainly couldn't cope in finance or psycology, but I'm not put into situations where I am expected to have a full working knowledge of the minutae of those fields and then left to my own devices to function - 'idiot be dammed'

That's basically what lawnboy was apparently suggesting - and that's a theory alot of sysadmins would reject in practice (i would love it if everyone could function in that way) but most won't and so it is left to us to safeguard them from themselves as well as others as much as possible. That's all it's about - it's not disdain for the person as a human, just a recognition of their skillset and the expectation that we should realisticlly have for them.

Comment Re:Dont you mean "oppresing"... (Score 1) 157

HAHAHA - spoken like the guy not responsible for cleaning up other people's messes and securing mission critical or personal data. Users choosing their own level of security is why (probably) more than 70% of GeekSquad work is wiping hard drives due to malware. In the real world of business, it is the sysadmins job to provide the resources to get the job done and keep data safe. That's it. Getting the job done does not include YouTube, Facebook, or Solitare (yes, there are cases where social media is required) You want that - do it at home.

Work is called that for a reason. Hopefully you are fortunate enough to enjoy the work that you do, making it seem less like work, but work it is and shall be and sucks to the whiners.

Decide to let the marketing team decide their own security - a task for which they have neither the training, time, or inclination to do, and now nobody can access anything because the network is overrun with malware.

Businesses run on specialization. Embrace that fact and let people ruin their own equipment. Not the company's.

Comment Re:Arcade comes with 512MB (Score 1) 435

What if they did. If you like the game enough - you'll go get the hardware. The primary difference here though is that Blizzard is not the manufacturer of the device you play their games on. What would be more likely is if they inked a deal with Dell that would have the next WoW game exclusively playable on Dell OEM.

Comment Re:This will kill them (Score 2, Insightful) 435

Wrong - this may kill them in the homebrew or modding market, but MS was fairly efficient in limiting those activities to begin with on the 360.

The only important differentiators for single system buyers is the games available. Do they have the game(s) I want to play (and online with friends)

Storage is not a big deal and most new buyers wont even notice because the products will shortly fall of the shelf - which raises a more interesting question - will this actually end up happening or will Wal-Mart and the like leverage their ample weight against MS and cry foul because of now unsellable inventory?

Comment Re:Unauthorized? (Score 1) 435

What artifical means? They are modifying their privately developed and not-required to be standards compliant devices to not be compliant with standard devices. So the hell what? There is nothing artificial about it. I guess Sony is artifically disabling my ability to play 360 games on the Playstation - the monopolizing bastards.

Submission + - Is US CIO Vivek Kundra a Phony? ( 2

skarphace writes: John C. Dvorak, in his usual ranting ways, has a piece accusing Vivek Kundra of having no qualifications to be the U.S. CIO.

This is the sort of question you might ask after trying to actually verify his supposed MS in Information Technology from the University of Maryland, College Park campus. The registrar has no record of it. In fact the current University of Maryland grad department doesn't even show this degree as being commonly available to anyone. A search of his college records shows no attendance after he received his BS degree in Psychology on 12/20/98. In fact his last day of school 12/19/98 wrapped up the six years it took Kundra to obtain his undergraduate degree.

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