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Comment Re:Salae logic (Score 1) 172

You can get Chinese knock-offs of the Saleae Logic or the USBee for $10, at DealeXtreme for example. They run fine with sigrok, and even with the original Saleae software if they report the correct USB Product/Vendor ID pair. They might not do the higher sampling rates, though.

If they don't report the correct USB IDs, you can reprogram the USB EEPROM with the Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP tool. The Linux version is a bit buggy though (converts hex data to 0-terminated char* before sending to the device and therefore can't write data with 0x00 in it), so I wrote my own little tool: https://github.com/DrMcCoy/FX2LPTool

Of course, that's "only" a logical analyzer, no oscilloscope.

Comment Re:open = being able to have your own build bypass (Score 1) 122

Also, GitHub /doesn't/ require you to pick an open source license for public repositories. You can choose whatever the hell damn license you want.

The only thing you do by accepting the GitHub terms of service is grant some rights, namely that everyone can see and fork your repository (which might qualify as "open source" in your book, but I view as a cop-out). Of course, this still doesn't give anyone the rights to actually do anything with the code besides looking at it.

Which is one of the reasons many free software proponents have been dismayed by the amount of license-less GitHub repository. To answer that, GitHub added the license picker for newly created repositories, but that thing still is completely optional.

Comment Re:so (Score 2) 122

Source says this:
"All code and content will be available live to UE4 developers on GitHub"

I.e. you can view the code if you are an UE4-licensee. Just like how the UE4 code is on GitHub, available to UE4-licensees.
It will not be "free software" for free as in freedom/libre. I will only be "open source" for a very weird, non-OSI-approved definition of the term.

Comment Re:Kinda Subjective but... (Score 1) 479

> In your bizarro world there is something magical and unique about the first non-whitespace character than makes it's "alignment" different than the alignment of everything else

There is. It's called indenting. And it /is/ different than, say, aligning "=" in following lines.

> There is a set of standards that fix this problem once and for all

Exactly. And it's called: Tabs for indenting, spaces for alignment. Works beautifully. Always has, always will.

Comment Re:Kinda Subjective but... (Score 1) 479

> But if tabs are for indention and spaces are for alignment, as you say, then spaces can only work for alignment for one and ONLY one value of a tab


<TAB>int a = 5;_// Explanatory comment:
<TAB>___________// Foobar

(Let's hope those pre-tags work. Because they don't work in the preview, although my Comment Mode is now set to text + html. In either case, it should hopefully be clear what I mean.)

Comment Re:Kinda Subjective but... (Score 1) 479

> as long as don't have to scratch my head to figure out how they liked their tabs

Which is why the code style guidelines in my projects explain how to use tabs: Tabs for indenting, spaces for alignment.
The same sentence I've used several times in this discussion. Should I draw you an even more detailed explanation?

> You're the Nazi here

*sigh* Using the word Nazi in such a callous manner is really not a good idea.

> I have to figure out what your tabs mean

Tabs for indenting, spaces for alignment. Not that hard.

Of course, if you're using spaces *and* tabs for indenting, I have to guess which of those each of your spaces are. Now that's guesswork.

Comment Re:Kinda Subjective but... (Score 2) 479

So because apparently some people will inevitable do it wrongly, it's best to just not do it at all? I find this idea completely and utterly weird.
Everybody will spell things wrongly every now and then, so just ban coherent spelling altogether? Some people will use this interface in the wrong way, so just throw out the whole shebang?

I'm feeling reminded by the Hitchhiker quote about how coming down from the trees was a mistake.

Comment Re:Kinda Subjective but... (Score 1) 479

> Use Unix "unexpand" and shove in tabs everywhere you want

Which is of course not always possible, because using spaces for indent *and* alignment is lossy. You are expressing two different concepts with the same character. Which is exactly my fricking point.

> But for the source code I have to deal with

You are (probably) not the only person having to deal with the source code. If you're so egoistical that you're making it harder for everyone else by mangling two different things together, I sincerly hope you and I are never working on the same codebase together.

Comment Re:Kinda Subjective but... (Score 1) 479

> So, since apparently most everybody uses tabs incorrectly

Well, the solution is to educate stupid people, not letting them continue in their stupidity.

> and there does not seem to be any point at all with using tabs instead of spaces

There is.
1) Differentiate the semantic differences of indenting and alignment
2) Let everyone change their level of indentation to their own choice

> Are there really people who get their jollies by changing the tab value to make code look different on their screens


> Tab (ascii 9) goes back to typewriters and teletypes and is effectively an 8 indent

A tab is not 8 spaces, it's a tab. Which is the point.

> So if you don't want an 8-space indent, don't use a tab

A tab is not 8 spaces, it's a tab. Which is the point.

> If you do want an 8-space indent, you can't assume the viewers device will treat it that [way]

A tab is not 8 spaces, it's a tab. Which is the point.

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