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Submission + - Robots Roaches Lead Real Thing, Robot Chicken Next

DrLudicrous writes: European researchers have constructed robots in order to study the swarming phenomena of cockroaches, as reported in Science. The robots were only vaguely cockroach in form, but were doused with roach sex hormones to fool the real cockroaches to accept them. They found that by programming the robots to act in decidedly uncockroach-like ways, the real cockroaches would mimic their behaviors a sizable percentage of the time. The NYTimes has a short synopsis here, that is viewable by people without access to Science articles. It mentions that a future experiment could involve constructing a "Robotic Chicken". I wonder what Seth Green would think about that?
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Submission + - The Life of a Chinese Gold Farmer

DrLudicrous writes: The NYTimes (reg. required) is running an article about Chinese gold farmers. It is an interesting look at the economics and day-to-day reality of people who "play" MMO games for a living. Check it out here.

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