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Comment Re:Perhaps a little dated (Score 1) 614

I came here to propose Salk, but parent beat me to it.

The fact that he refused to patent it and waived mountains of money allowed poorer people and third world countries to get rid of polio, otherwise it would still be a threat today!
This is what true heroes should do, work for the betterment of mankind.

Plus I like to think of Mr. Salk as the father of open source, in a vaccine/biology field he gave his receipe for the vaccine for free.

When asked about patenting, he replied : no it's important like the sun, ... could you patent the sun?

And one last quick note, 5 years ago I got my polio vaccine and it costed me 9$ !!!!! instead of the 150$ It woulda costed me if a big pharmaceutical had a patent.

Comment OMG they still have budget to buy something ?!?!? (Score 1) 439

What BP is still a company?????

First we need to fine the board of directors sooo much money that they'll have to go to China sell some kidneys on the black market to pay up.

Then we need to lock them up in jail in Yemen for criminal negligence. I mean we do have the memo proving it :

Comment Cannonical is MS (Score 1) 984

Not only is it scientifically/mathematically incorrect !!
Canonical is now trying to revamp a standard widely accepted for their own benefit of looking easy to understand.
In fact they are pushing usability at the expense of working on functionality so that more user can use something that does less, much like windows. And then Mark Shuttleworth goes on to tell the developers working on functionality that they need a big cup of STFU.

I urge you ppl to switch to another distro, im on Debian right now an everything is fine.

Comment Do no Evil ????? (Score 1, Troll) 675

Step #1 : Buy youtube.

Step #2 : Switch the video format on youtube to H.264, a proprietary format that free browsers can't afford the licenses it needs to distribute a reader for it.

Step #3 : Push H.264 part of the open standard HTML 5, even though it's not open at all, thus further shoving free browsers downward the spiral.

Step #4 : Win the browser War, pwn the internet, make profit with ur browser built in search engine.

..... F***ers, .... (Shakes Fist)
We were paying attention....

Comment Silly management (Score 3, Interesting) 837

This is what happens as the company grows
It goes Dilbert on itself.
This is what happens when people too stupid to do any real work and who've been replaced by a bash script gets promoted to middle management because you can't get rid of them due to union rules and stuff.
You know how they got the management position? A: The parkinson law : Upper management doesn't want their job threatened by a younger, smarter, more active, more educated middle manager, so they promote somebody dumber then themselves and the guy under hires some1 dumber then himself and so on .....

Uniforms is lack a respect for you tech support guys, uniform is a school's tool to reduce violence and bullying by unifying every1 thus eliminating gangs and groups. It's not for a job place, it's a joke to think about it, if they had respect, they would ask you to wear a suit and a tie, but then you would be in par with ur middle management guy, he is not gonna put you on that level, he is also prolly afraid that you'll write another bash script to replace the middle management positions.

Hey while I think of it, a script that creates and assigns random useless task and complains a lot could replace my boss.

Comment Re:We DO need another desktop OS. (Score 1) 757

Assuming you have the Google bar, assuming you don't type : "Firefox" in one of the spyware bars, assuming your IE isin't highjacked .... then yes Firefox might have been a bad example, I agree, but that's not true for every software out there, sometimes the download page will offer let's say : Apple or Windows Version, and the user won't know what to do.

P.S. : Just went to the Firefox download page, along with the green big download Firefox 3.5 button, there is a shit load of links. Believe me, users can stall at nothing, even seeing a shit load of options to click on a web page. Some will try to read them for no reason at all or some reason like, well the thing came up, I read from left to right and up to down, by the time he reaches the middle of the page(Where the button is), he is long gone man.

Comment Re:We DO need another desktop OS. (Score 2, Insightful) 757

Let's compare shall we.
Imagine your grandmother wishes to install something simple like Firefox :

The windows way:
1. Open IE.
2.Type spyware bars*this is important*)
3. Let's say her browser isin't Highjacked*this part is also important* and it brings you to the right page.
4. Find and download the installer or binaries, not the source, for your operating system, whatever it is, she must know, and sometimes cpu, 32 bits, 64 bits, PowerPC ....etc .....
5.Double click on "FirefoxInstallerWhereEverItIsWhatEverItsCalled.exe"
6.Norton(or other) comes up saying : "running exe files likes this one can harm your computer" All she knows is her computer is farked up enough and does not want to damage it further, she might not install it.....

The Linux way:
1. Open Synaptic
2.Do a search for Firefox in the properly identified search bar, no spyware bars here.
3. Check the box next to Firefox.
4. Press "Apply" : Synaptic automatically downloads and installs and sets the shortcut for for Firefox.

P.S. : Learning about synaptic for user takes about the same time it takes to learn to search google for aps.

So you tell me which way is easyer.

Comment Re:That's fine (Score 1) 376

From what I understand from the summary of the article is that DELL is afraid that MS will make a different version of Word to comply with the ruling and that because of the new version DELL will have to re-make and re-test all of their Hard drive images for their computers. And they don't want to send money that direction. So they are asking the Judge to please think of the repercussion it will have.

Dell should sue MS for providing them with software containing code patented by someone else in the first place. But no, instead, they are trying to save themselves about 4 hours of testing a Word install and a couple images re-building, what a coincidence that it will also save MS from complying with the law at the same time.

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