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Comment Re:Please insert Multics subthread here. (Score 3, Interesting) 484

There was a desktop OS called Domain/OS from Apollo Systems. Rumour had it that Apollo was founded by Multicians who fled from Honneywell. It was a great OS on a lot of levels, not least you had native Domain/OS, BSD4.3 and System5 UNIX, an amazing shared filesystem, and networking that was literally plug and play.

Then of course HP bought it and killed it in favor of HP/UX, sigh.


Submission + - CNN's Hate-Newscasts Against Atheists

GenKreton writes: CNN has been airing "newscasts" that blatantly attack atheists. The panel interviewed includes no atheists. Some memorable quotes include: "they should just shut up," "They are on the attack. It's obnoxious and they do need to shut up..." and "I think they need to shut up about crying wolf all the time and saying that they're being imposed upon. A particular high point in their anti-atheist banter is hit with comments such as "They don't have a good — marketing. If they had hallmark cards, maybe they wouldn't feel so left out."

Submission + - Exoskeleton inventor broke, selling prototype

jimmyholk writes: "Troy Hurtubise, the man whose quixotic quest for a suit of Grizzly-proof armour earned him a documentary (Project Grizzly), a parody in The Simpsons episode The Fat and the Furriest, and a spot in the heart of mad-inventor-lovers everywhere, has gone broke pursuing his latest dream of a full-body, combat-ready armoured exoskeleton. Facing eviction, he's put the Halo-inspired suit up for auction on e-bay: with the fine print warning that, although it's withstood being fired on by an elephant gun, the suit should not be used"for anyting other than a costume setting."Here's a news story which contains links to video of his suit and the ebay auction site with pictures."

Submission + - How much information is in a byte?

Linnen writes: While one byte can hold a letter, ever wonder how much information a terabyte contains? Here is a list for those who are curious.

  • ~ 1 terabyte: the sum of all Federal , State and City regulations
  • 2.5 terabytes: Everything in Widener Library.
  • 5 terabytes: every article in every academic journal printed last year.

Submission + - Steve Jobs urges record companies to drop DRM

paxmaniac writes: Reuters reports that Steve Jobs is urging the 'big four' record companies to drop DRM. According to Jobs:'If such requirements were removed, the music industry might experience an influx of new companies willing to invest in innovative new stores and players. This can only be seen as a positive by the music companies'

All well and good, but isn't this a little hypocritical given that iTunes sells DRM encumbered songs that are available at other stores (e.g eMusic) without DRM?

Submission + - PayPal's CSO says phishing's impact is exaggerated

ancientribe writes: The chief information security officer at PayPal — eBay's online payment service and popular target of phishers — tells Dark Reading that the company's actual losses from phishing are relatively low, and phishing is not even among the top five threats that could cause financial loss at the company.

Michael Barrett, PayPal's CSO, says PayPal may end up recommending specific ISPs that are doing a good job at stopping spam. PayPal is studying the correlation between a user's choice of ISPs and the incidence of phishing. 574&WT.svl=news1_1

Submission + - Attorneys Fees To Be Awarded Against RIAA

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "In an Oklahoma case, Capitol Records v. Debbie Foster, the Court has granted the defendant's motion for attorneys fees to be imposed against the RIAA, holding that Ms. Foster is to receive her "reasonable attorney's fees". Judge Lee R. West, in his 9-page decision(pdf), did not specify the amount to be awarded, held that the RIAA can have "discovery" on the reasonableness issue, and also ruled that Ms. Foster can also later supplement her application for additional fees. Her initial application was for approximately $55,000 in legal fees and disbursements. This is the case in which the ACLU, Public Citizen, EFF, the American Association of Law Libraries, and the ACLU Oklahoma Foundation, all filed an amicus brief on Ms. Foster's behalf, arguing to the judge that a substantial attorneys fee award was needed to discourage the RIAA's "driftnet" litigation strategy."

Submission + - Panda's Nanoscan: new virus protection philosophy

glogger writes: "And we need one. At RSA today, Neil Rubenking of PC Magazine got a scoop about a new kind of virus protection from Panda. "Called Nanoscan, it moves everything except a tiny (200K) driver off your computer and 'into the cloud'. It can use a vast number of signatures, run all kinds of sandboxing and emulation tests, any type of processing that's needed — because it's not using your computer's resources. And it's fast. The Nanoscan beta scanned my laptop in 60 seconds.""

Submission + - Man Gets Second Chance at Space

An anonymous reader writes: Brian Emmett, who gave up a free space ride from Oracle because he could not afford the taxes, was offered another free ride by the Benson Space Company. Benson's upstart has an agreement with his previous company, SpaceDev, to utilize its Dream Chaser orbital spacecraft. The Dream Chaser is a revival of NASA's HL-20 prototype, which itself is based upon the successful Soviet BOR-4 lifting body. SpaceDev had previously provided the hybrid rocket engines for Scaled Composites' SpaceShipOne and intends on using similar technology in the Dream Chaser.

Submission + - Concussions, brain degeneration and neuropathology

danglia writes: "On the heels of the SuperBowl, here's a NYTimes article detailing the degenerative effects football players face from multiple concussions. After more than 15 concussions, former Eagles star Andre Waters, 44, committed suicide. Autopsies revealed that his brain tissue had degenerated into that of an 85-year-old man.

From the Article:

"The Waters discovery began solely on the hunch of Chris Nowinski, a former Harvard football player and professional wrestler whose repeated concussions ended his career, left him with severe migraines and depression, and compelled him to expose the effects of contact-sport brain trauma. After hearing of the suicide, Mr. Nowinski phoned Mr. Waters's sister Sandra Pinkney with a ghoulish request: to borrow the remains of her brother's brain.""

Submission + - e-petition for solar power generators

Ardavan1367 writes: "Innovations this year have been more than a success. A new era with an image of technology, intelligence, computations. Human workforce has managed so far to create one from nothing by a knowledge above natural powers, Science. With the new innovations in the solar power panels, new panels are improved for power generation on long durations and work more efficiently. Fields of these panels can be used along with electrically charged cars and devices and our extra costs on oil can be cut off."

Vulnerability In Firefox Popup Blocker 100

cj writes in with news of a vulnerability in Firefox's stock popup blocker discovered by Michal Zalewski. The vulnerability can allow a malicious user to read files from an affected system. The attacker would "need to plant a predictably named file with exploit code on the target system. This sounds hard, but isn't," according to the article.

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