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Submission + - I Like My IT Budget Tight and My Developers Stupid (

Esther Schindler writes: "Who has money to train these guys nowadays? They should be lucky they're still employed, right? Keep thinking that way, writes Lisa Vaas. The competition applauds your choice to glue your wallet shut. Or, to put this another way: This is why the boss won't pay for developer training. Vaas explains how those still training manage to get their training budgets funded."

Submission + - Problem Solving: Street Smart or Book Smart ? (

abhijitkar1962 writes: Martin Zwilling tells us to be street smart rather than book smart while attempting to solve problems. Where as Rockt, quoting Aristotle and also making it clear how frustrating is it for a book smart to watch street smart people easily adapting to challenging situations, insists that ideally it should a combination of both, at optimum level.

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