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Comment Re:Wrong focus (Score 1) 298

There are all kinds of things that can be done to make the roads safer without changing who drives and maintains what or how they are trained.

Rebuilding dangerous junctions or corners, for example. Better separation of fast and slow traffic. Improving sight lines by changing where signs are positioned. Putting shades on traffic lights so that you can see them better when the sun's shining on them.

Comment Other publishers' games (Score 1) 45

> Others note with skepticism the idea of a game publisher buying an e-sports league, which could lead to concerns about how games from other publishers are treated.

What's the problem? It doesn't matter that a chess tournament doesn't include a bit of Scrabble, or that the FA Cup doesn't include baseball.

I presume that people compete by playing Call Of Grand Theft Warcraft 97 against each other, and you don't have one person playing Call Of Grand Theft Warcraft 97, one playing Minesweeper, and one playing Doom 2, so why does it matter. And if other publishers feel left out they can start leagues for their own games.

Comment Buy more hardware (Score 1) 257

Until about five years ago I supported a custom application running on CP/M. I just kept some spare hardware so that if anything broke I could swap it out, and I also could use the spare parts for developing on. Not that I actually did any development for the last fifteen years of the contract, all I did was visit once a year to blow the dust bunnies out.

Comment Typing speed (Score 1) 544

The main argument in favour of physical keyboards is that you can type faster on them. It's probably true. Trouble is, data input is a minute part of what people do on their phones, so it's a micro-optimisation. And it's a micro-optimisation that comes with all the costs associated with having to engineer a small device with loads of moving parts.

For the majority of people, a mildly sucky virtual keyboard - one whose quirks you quickly learn - is a price worth paying in exchange for a smaller, lighter more reliable device.

Comment In praise of older people (Score 1) 370

Right now we''re recruiting some more developers at my employer, and while we're not actively discriminating, we seem to be consistently favouring older applicants. You can only get so far with youngsters who are willing to work all hours - eventually you have to address the debt, both technical and process, that they leave behind. And to do that you need at least some older people to mentor the kids and to rebuild and maintain the relationships between your engineering team and the rest of the business.

Comment More disks (Score 1) 983

I'm backing up 8TB at home, by rsyncing to another 8TB of disk space. It's been working reliably for years, starting back when a TB was a lot and adding/replacing disks over time.

A 4TB hard disk is pretty cheap these days, so he just needs to get six of 'em and make another RAID array. Once you've done the initial rsync, I presume that subsequent changes will be relatively small, so transfer speed doesn't matter much, so he could hang them off a USB port in one of those USB-to-SATA dock things.

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