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Comment Re:So much wrong with this (Score 1) 458

Well, then Wikipedia is wrong. France has a socialist president and government. Greece just elected a socialist prime minister. There's plenty more in Europe.

The brand of socialism advocated by Sanders is NOT North Korea or Cuba. It's the Scandinavian model that is democratic.

The problem is that the term "socialism" is overloaded and means different things to different people. In America, due to cold war history, it has taken on a very pejorative meaning.

Comment Re:Socialism (Score 1) 458

Wow, Godwin already?

There's been plenty of free and democratic countries in Europe who willingly voted in a socialist government, willingly accepted to be taxed to pool their resources and together achieve greater things (free education, better infrastructures and healthcare, etc). And when they were unhappy with the amount of tax they were paying or how it was utilized, they voted for a different government. Nobody stopped them. Nothing oppressive. No coercion.

Comment I forget immediately (Score 1) 122

I've taken a few MOOCs and even completed a few. My big problem is that pretty much as soon as I completed the course I forgot everything I'd learned. I have a couple of explanations as to why that is:

- MOOCs don't usually have a project component where you'd get direct feedback from a TA (that's obviously due to the number of people registered). This is changing as peer-assessments are being used more and more as a way to handle project grading.

- the course in question wasn't directly related to what I'm doing in my day job. During university, a course you're taking is at least often useful as a prerequisite for the next one.

- I'm getting old and stupid. Maybe just smart enough to complete the course but not enough to retain it? I wonder how much more I'd have retained, say, 10 years ago.

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