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Comment Details of bug (Score 5, Informative) 101

The bug is that the cn hostname from the certificate is not verified. So it's possible to use your own website SSL cert as a cert for any other site and Apple devices will accept it no question. Of course, to exploit, you'd need to modify a tool like webmitm to serve a fixed certificate.

Very very dangerous, seems to be a result of switching away from OpenSSL although details are still flaky.

Submission + - Barnaby Jack died of drug overdose ( 1

DrDevil writes: Barnaby Jack, the computer security expert who was due to give a presentation on hacking pacemakers at last year's Blackhat died of a drug overdose. The coroner withheld the report which led to much speculation given the timing of his death.

Mr Jack appears to have taken a cocktail of drugs and was found dead by his girlfriend. His girlfriend stated that he had used drugs regularly.

Submission + - Anonymous intercepts FBI conference call (

DrDevil writes: A member of the computer hacking group Anonymous has hacked into a telephone conference between the FBI and Scotland Yard (London Police) and posted it on the internet.

The Daily Telegraph has a comprehensive article on the hack at

The audio of the call can be heard at

Submission + - GCHQ Challenge solution explained (

DrDevil writes: ""The British spy agency GCHQ recently published a puzzle on (as featured on slashdot), now just a few days later an academic at the University of Greenwich in England has posted a full video explanation of the puzzle. The puzzle has three stages and is not at all simple — likely to challenge even the best computer science graduates.

Solution and explanation at""

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