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Comment Re:COBOL isn't hard to learn (Score 1) 357

While COBOL programmers are in demand, the demand is not very high.
And banks actually do train programmers, every company does.
So: the main reason why the demand is low: the COBOL systems simply run. And is why they don't get replaced. Why would I replace a program which only get changed once, around 1998, over the course of the last 30 - 40 years?
Hu? Banking is a well known domain since a few thousand years.
The requirements for data processing backends rarely change. When I did Y2K reengineering I had code in my hands that literally never was touched/changed since it was considered good enough to go into production.

Comment Re:EE Degree (Score 1) 195

In Germany it is a piece of paper that tells everyone you are good in passing the required tests to get the paper ;)
Well, it is not that bad, but the typical best degrees diplomas are people who actually in fact only can pass tests and have no clue what so ever about the topic. The rest, even if they only get a D, are often very good programmers/software engineers.

Comment Re:CS degrees are overrated (Score 1) 195

Actually nearly everything is easier to learn by doing instead of learning or a combination. Or lets say it this way: 80% doing 20% learning.
However a CS degree, e.g. in Germany, is 95% learning and only 5% doing ... I know CS PhD's that literally never programmed a single line of code. Half of the learning is completely pointless for a job outside of the university. Simple example: I don't need to know how a transistor works to write a C program (I know how it works, just an example)
You can fully expect a CS graduate to have no clue about programming at all.

Comment Re:Slow news day (Score 1) 195

Same, actually I don't know a single person that can.
In my field of work, no none is doing it. I avoid Excel like the plague.
And: in case you have not realized it in your decades of carrier in IT: Excel macros don't run on Bash command lines, as Services in a Java backend or as Greasemonkey scripts in a web browser ...

Comment Re: theodp (Score 1) 195

I will state, however, that they do not follow the scientific method and cannot back up their claims with scientific studies.
Are you an idiot?
The oldest mass tests - usually done on convicts or prisoners of war (which usually became slaves) - for acupuncture are probably 4000 years old. And since the west has adopted acupuncture we have thousands of 'scientific studies' about it, probably 10,000ds.
Chiropractics is a branch of orthopedy. Why you claim it is not following 'scientific methods' is beyond me.
Either you can fix a dislocated joint or you can't, that is super easy to test, facepalm.

And to practice either as a professional, you need a medical diploma.

But god help you if you see an acupuncturist for malignant melanoma...
And god help that acupuncturist, too. He would be sued into oblivion and had likely jail time. Oh, I forgot: in the sane world, probably not in the US.

Comment Re:Tough talk, but not unwarranted. (Score 1) 88

Falun Gong is strictly speaking not forbidden because it is a religion, but for two main reasons:
a) they started to advice their members to reject certain medical treatments, that put them under investigations
b) because of the investigations, they started mass demonstrations, thousands of sitting blockades all over China

Showing the government how many they are and being able to organize such big demonstrations urged the government to forbid them.

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