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Comment DVD drives? (Score 1) 313

My latest laptops all have no DVD drive, I think this is what is killing DVD sales.
And: every DVD I ever put into one of my laptops needed 5 minutes or more to start the movy or main menu due to "anti piracy *advertisements*'

In other words: I rather watch a pirated DVD than a real one. Not to mention that one of the DVDs I bougth was for no apparent reason a blue ray, I missed that fact and had to gift it away as my laptop at that time could read DVDs but not blue rays ... so bottom line I guess I bought 3 "DVDs" ... one 1978 martial arts movie, one 2012 martial arts movie which I had seen on youtube before and I realized later, oops it is a blue ray, and another movie where I forgot what it was :D

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 504

I covered this with part b) in my previous post.

Obviously higher voltages require bigger infra structure ... no idea at what you want to aim with that question however ;D

Regarding 34kV lines: those are mostly underground or only in industrial complexes above the surface.

The same distance to residential structures? yes ... as the distance already is absurdly big. However I take it you live in the USA and perhaps regulations are less strict there.

Does a MV transmission line require towers to be higher than 700 feet, do you think?
700 feet is 230m ... so no, it does not require a higher tower.

Unfortunately important stuff like power heights are missing ;D : http://solareis.anl.gov/docume...

Comment Re:100 years? (Score 1) 173

Take your own advice asshole

Either way, Lethal dose is much, much higher than cancer causing dose it is not, as we are talking about bone marrow cancer which is incurring in _all bones_ hence it is untreatable. To "treat" it you would need to break up the bone and remove all marrow and the plutonium.

the toxic chemical effects are more immediately lethal than the toxic radiological effects, so it is not the radiation that kills.
Of course they are. No one doubted that, idiot.

It should also be noted that Leukemia has a less than 50% fatality rate
If it can be treated, perhaps. If it can not be treated: then no.

Cancer is quickly approaching a state where it can be considered a non-lethal disease.
This is true for about 10% of all known variations of cancer. The other 90% are as untreatable as they where ever, except for better diagnostics and earlier discovery (which makes treatment sometimes possible) we have no way for most cancers to treat them in anyway except suppressing secondary illnesses and treating pain.

I suggest to read a book about it (same for your idiotic ideas about harmful chemicals and radiation).

Comment Re:Old MBP (Score 1) 175

We talked about MBPs, where the data is on the hard drive. Assuming it is a HD failure and not a water damage ...

What kind of moron are you? I can construct any case where it is either impossible or out of the "we do it for free out of fair dealing".

On the other hand, if you have $200 bucks over for data recovery fro a phone with water damage, I can do that for you ... facepalm. However not with a "free apple service" but a payed $50 per unit service ... hope you don't mind?

Comment Re:Misleading Article Title: FTFY (Score 1) 436

Answered to the wrong comment?

Or which bubble do you mean?

It is quite difficult to judge where global warming will be beneficial and it is equally difficult to judge where it is not.

The claim that warming in the moderate regions is out weighting the losses in other regions is just idiotic. E.g. plant growth cycles in the north or south are mainly dependent on sunshine aka season, not heat. Plenty of plants and environments need a somewhat harsh winter ...

heat preferentially to space the hotter it is locally as a function of the fourth power of the absolute temperature (293K = 20C = 68F).
That is btw. wrong. Typical application from text book formulas without knowing about what you are talking. Simply speaking: it is more complicated than that. The temperature loss is via radiation ... and the problem we are talking about is: trapped radiation by CO2 and CH4 water vapour etc. Most water vapour is in the hottest zones on earth ... not in the arctics or tempered zones.

Comment Re:Minor damage (Score 1) 161

In the terms of warheads aka bombs nuclear and atomic means the exact same thing.
None of the words either implies fission (n)or fusion. That is true for languages like english, german etc.

If you want to talk about fission bombs you use the word fission.
If you want to talk about fusion bombs you use the word fusion, however in this case you can also call it a hydrogen bomb (again: common in languages like english and german).

But thank you, Padawan, that you you are concerned about language hygiene, that is important, too!

Comment Re:The earth is (Score 1) 436

In turn that means, though, that if everyone but me is working hard, we'll all be living comfortably, so I don't really have to pull that hard, do I? And if it fails, we're all to blame. In other words, when that fails, "the system" is to blame because, well, what can a single person do?
Against popular believe: most working people enjoy their job. And working in communist environments has the same ethics as in capitalists: the one who show worthy and work hard get promoted, the others not so much.

The capitalist promise is "work hard today and one day YOU will be living in paradise where YOU can be living like a king".
Never heard about that promise. Are you sure you are not somehow brainwashed?

Comment Re:The earth is (Score 1) 436

just like we've used gas lighting before in the Western nations they can use it too in these developing nations
But you are aware that those developing nations do no longer exist? Right? They are developed meanwhile. It is 2017 right now, not 1957.

The technology to mine and refine uranium and thorium is not all that different than mining most any other element.
Sorry to sy it os bluntly (but why do I say sorry anyway?): you are an idiot.

produce "town gas" (synthetic gaseous fuels) for heating and lights
Town gas is made from coal .... just in case you missed that, too.

Comment Re:The earth is (Score 1) 436

Wars of resources would no longer be necessary unless we later overpopulate again.

Wars over resources only in very rare cases happened out of necessity. They usually happened because the winner, the one who attacked and wanted the resources: could! And the loser the one who had them, could not go to war.

In other words: most wars were tun by purely monetary interests by one of both parties.

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