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Comment Re:Everyone wins. (Score 1) 424

Are all app preferences, SMS conversations, non-Google Calendar alarms, browsing history, wifi network passwords, wallpaper, brightness, etc, etc transferred as well? He said clone, and he really means it. I was surprised when I first did it, too. Now, if Android does that too for different devices from different handset makers using different OS versions, then I'll be happily surprised.

Comment Re:And when they go to realize those ideas ... (Score 5, Interesting) 239

Doesn't really happen that often, from what I've seen. More often, mature students returning to school are returning because they realize the value of an education on account of having a hard time without it. Additionally, university gives students something that is hard to come by in the working world: an appreciation of how many diverse perspectives there are in the world. Don't get me wrong - success stories happen. But for every Steve Jobs and Peter Thiel, I bet you there are a hundred or more drop-outs (stop-outs?) with nothing to show for their sacrifice. I think it's irresponsible of him to take the highest achieving students and encourage them to leave university.

Comment Fallacious Title (Score 0, Redundant) 192

They're not "ignored" - they just aren't replied to online.

Only a small number of users actually have the ability to engage on Twitter in a significant way

Define "significant", please. You don't get RT'd or @replied to on three quarters of tweets? Not surprising. Your friends read your tweets and know what you wrote, that's still significant (as happens to me all the time). I love being able to keep up to date on the goings on of my friends across the country. It helps me feel connected to them. I don't necessarily @reply or RT each of the ones I read.

Comment Re:Who cares about the power brick (Score 1) 365

Aren't laptops lifespans something like only 2-3 years? I think the idea of standardizing an external interface to a laptop, in this case it's power, has merit and should be looked into. However, different laptop manufacturers have different specs for products they want to create. If we standardize them, I feel that the laptop industry would homogenize and nothing would be unique. which means no one could innovate.

Comment Re:I doubt their stats-gathering methods (Score 1) 443

I really doubt that anyone would run an iPad emulator to get to iPad apps. They don't translate well to the desktop paradigm (or vice-versa, which is why tablets haven't been successful until recently). People may be aware of the approval process, blocking out adult apps, but they do actually exist. So I don't see anyone being dissatisfied by this unless they're involved with the industry. Also, notice how a significant proportion of the respondents have had their iPad since launch day. Yeah, right. Like an average use was lined up to get an iPad.

Comment I doubt their stats-gathering methods (Score 2, Insightful) 443

How many users even know about the App Store *approval process*. Hmm? I'm an iPhone developer, and it bugs me to no end. But how the hell would an end user know? They have no way of interacting with the App Store's approval process, just the "storefront", so to speak. If a large enough number of respondents were dissatisfied with that, then I question who they solicited.

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