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Comment FRAND (Score 1) 376

I'd like to see all patents be FRAND by default. In addition I'd like to see that include binding arbitration on disputes which can cap the total royalty and duration. I just can't see why a software patent that came out of a 10 minute brainstorming session should have the same rights as something that took a team years of experimentation to discover.

Comment How can software infringe a Wi-Fi patent? (Score 1) 347

How can software be "equipment and method related to the transmission of information" until combined with something to run it on? Maybe the user of the software is infringing, but surely not the provider of the software?

It really bugs me that software developers get chased for patent violations when software by itself doesn't do anything. If every last device that could execute the software were destroyed would it still violate a patent? Many software firms provide indemnity to their users against potential patent violation, but if someone runs a free software project then they explicitly do not.

Comment Re:SCRUM (Score 2) 457

As a some time Scrum Master I generally aim to not say a word at morning stand-ups except when necessary to stick to the plan (eg no rambling) . After all it isn't *my* meeting and I found keeping quiet really emphasised that. The person to my left would start and we'd work round clockwise. Any issues would be noted down to dealt with later. It does take people a while to get used to the idea, but works well.

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