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Comment Re:overhang (Score 1) 91

That's crazy, but it just might work. I can't imagine the complexity of the slicing that would be required! One solution that exists and is slowly pushing its way down to home-brew 3D printing is the use of dissovable support structure: using two extruders. And +1 for the flying cars comment, I can't believe we still drive cars when airplanes have proven the superior transport mechanism. Oh wait a minute, I can't afford an airplane...

Comment Beware the Wolf in Sheep's clothing! (Score 2) 91

If you're looking at getting into 3D printing, take heed that 3D Systems (maker of theCube 3D)are currently suing Formlabs (Kickstarter company pushing insane 3D technologies to consumer prices) over a seemingly ungrounded patent infringement. Read up either here: or google up a storm! I'm always careful to make sure I'm backing the innovators, not the litigators!

Comment Yeah, so about that 'National' Broadband Network.. (Score 2) 385

Sorry to break it to you Steve, but I live 35.659km (as per google maps) from the center of Melbourne and I'm not on the NBN constuction list till after June 2015. Unless some serious cable comes to town I'll still be living the 10Mbit ADSL2 dream. Yeah I was excited when they announced the NBN, I really was.

Comment Re:From a Woman who has been harrassed.... (Score 1) 1127

Well stated, Although I've never been involved in a situation like you describe, I've witnessed similar, and it was just plain sad for all involved. I've since moved to a new company, with a vastly different culture. I believe company / team culture is the core of this problem, and it is the solution.That said, changing a bad culture (ones that tolerate situation like you found yourself in) is an epic task, not impossible, just epic. As for the original question, if they have got this kind of culture in the office, it needs to change faaast. Maybe they will make it into the 21st century?

Comment Except for Melbourne Australia..... (Score 4, Insightful) 159

In Melbourne have a core ring about 2km wide, consisting of 5 stations, 4 (80%) of which link two or more lines, and our 'spider legs' are 30km + much more than 2x the core width. Maybe this is why our system is a constant failure?

Comment Are we motivating or measuring? (Score 1) 290

Gamification requires an objective. If it is to measure employee output, they will smell it. In reality some workers will never have the capacity of others, and you will make it publicly known, that's some bad karma heading your way. If we gamify employee efforts not the results then all can achieve highly if they put effort in, and you will get a very good measure of employee dedication. Another side effect will be employees enjoying work!

Submission + - No Human Centipede for Australia (

Dr Black Adder writes: Despite being classified R18+ in May, The Human Centipede 2 has now been re-rated to RC (Refused Classification) based on an application by the NSW Attorney-General. The quote from the panel which refused classification is "''level of depictions of violence has an impact which is very high''

It was my naive understanding that we had an R18 rating for media with high levels of this kind of content. The unfortunate fallout is that a lot of horror-loving Australians will be unable to support the creators of HC2, with pirating the only way for them to enjoy it. :-(

Open Source

Submission + - The Ultimate Kit Guide from MAKE (

ptorrone writes: "MAKE's "Ultimate Guide to Kits" is out and it's one of the best things they have ever created for tinkerers, makers and hackers. To promote it and their new Kit Reviews site, they're running a "Kit-A-Day" giveaway that includes thousands of dollars in Maker Shed merchandise between now (last Friday, actually) and Xmas. Included are 5 Makerbots-- 1 was already given away, but 4 are left. The guides the biggest selection of open-source hardware in one place!"

Submission + - Coding Under the Influence? 2

theodp writes: I've tried coding drunk,' writes Alex Muir in Code Sober, Get Things Done Drunk. 'It was a disaster — even a couple of beers had me really struggling to produce anything worthwhile. I decided coding was like driving — you need all your faculties to work.' But back in the heyday of three-martini-lunches, coding under the influence at work — at least occasionally — was the rule, not the exception that it is today in big corporations. However, a CUI while working on personal projects is still no crime — have you found that downing a few beers or other libations while programming helps or hinders you?

Comment We don't 'know' our Facebook friends (Score 1) 216

Unfortunately, for the most part we don't know the people on our Facebook accounts. I am a loser at the facebook game, I only add people I actually know, but still sometimes end up going 'who is that, why did I accept them?' Once you factor this into the argument, it's easy to see how the 6 degrees of seperation can be diluted down to 4.74, artificially through 'friends' that we don't even know of.

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