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Submission + - What to do about overly broad school board rules? (k12.va.us) 1

An anonymous reader writes: My child is starting school today I have been asked to sign a release that I agree to the School Board Rules. I actually read them unlike most parents and would like to ask Slashdot what can be done about rules like Stafford County VA Rule 12:

Computer violations including trespass, fraud, invasion of privacy, and theft of services;...; removal of computer data, programs, software; alteration/destruction/erasure of computer data, programs, software; ... (See http://www.pen.k12.va.us/Div/Stafford/Regulations/ Students/R7_32.pdf)

"Removal" includes copying ANY data to floppy or memory stick, even if a Kindergartner saved their drawing to floppy. "Erasure" includes formatting your own floppy disk. "Removal of programs" includes open source or even saving program that you wrote. When you boot any operating system, you alter the logs, so by turning on the computer you are in violation.... The penalty is suspension of 10 days or less.

A friend reported this to the school board several years ago but received a terse reply about the board using the same terms as other school boards. According to him, the wording has only gotten longer and more restrictive but still includes the same "removal" and "alteration" clauses.

Is there anything I can do other than posting this to slashdot?

Full text of the rule: "12. Computer violations including trespass, fraud, invasion of privacy, and theft of services; unauthorized use of school computer and/or computer network; removal of computer data, programs, software; alteration/destruction/erasure of computer data, programs, software; intentionally causing a computer and/or computer network to malfunction; use or duplication of software in violation of law or licensing requirements; unauthorized access to any portion of computer network, restricted programs and/or computer drives; unauthorized use of assigned computer passwords to gain access to computer and/or network; any unauthorized use of school computer code(s); failure to abide by acceptable use agreement; Minimum of short-term suspension of 10 days, or less, with the balance of any days to be served carrying over to the succeeding school year, and/or loss of computer and Internet privileges to maximum of expulsion. Additionally, the matter shall be reported to the Superintendent and shall also be reported to the Sheriff if the potential exists for criminal charges to be filed."

Data Storage

Submission + - To Protect and Save our Data

Douglas_E_Morris writes: "After playing around with WinRAR the other day and seeing both ways that it is able to protect data, one of which is recovery records which helps protect the individual file, and the other recovery files, which give you files that can replace missing or damaged files in the archive, I got to thinking while I was backing up about 1.5GB of data on a DVD. Why am I not making some use of all this left over space. Why do we not use a DVD format where the empty space could be used as recovery information much like our compressed WinRAR files? Also possibly building in things like encryption right into the file system. All this wasted space that could be put to good use. That way if my DVD starts to degrade, it might be possible to recover the data. What does everyone else out there think, can we put wasted DVD space to good use?"

Submission + - Arrests for illegal translation

Antoni writes: "There was a Polish — German police action against people who translate dialogues and create subtitles for movies in national languages and post them on line. Below link is a full translation of article from Polish. I hope that it is not illegal, as in this case it were mostly translators who got arrested.

Gazeta is one biggest Polish newspapers.

http://wiadomosci.gazeta.pl/wiadomosci/1,53600,413 8386.html

Police has arrested 9 people, who illegally translated movie dialogues and uploaded them into well known internet web page. The web page, where they could be downloaded was closed as well.

Zbigniew Urbanski from Polish Police Headquaters has informed, that Polish policemen has worked together with German collegues and Audiovisual Creativity Protection Fund.

  — Polish web page was located on German server — he explained. People arrested are in majority translators — the got "caught" in regions of Silesia, Podlasie, in cities of Cracow and Szczecin. Amongst them is also web page admin from Zabrze. They could face up to 2 years imprisonement.

  — This case has a potential, and next arrests are possible — added Urbanski."

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