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Comment Re:TX Law (Score 1) 132

2nd amendment? I think you need to read up about Texas. They are NOT the 2nd amendment friendly state everyone thinks they are, an example is if you even show the FAINT OUTLINE of a concealed firearm you can be arrested, loose your carry permit, and go to jail. Do not even mention open carry of a firearm or you will get hassled badly by law enforcement. However if you go to just about any of the surrounding states they don't care so much about carrying a firearm. Texas is set up to keep the "undesirables" in their place, and keep the "right" people in power.

Comment Re:polymer AR lower recievers... (Score 2) 490

Cite please. I happen to know a gunsmith and an attorney who will gladly argue with you on this. You can build your own gun out of any material as long as YOU are the person it is being built for, and it is not being built with the intent of resale. I don't even know where you get the crossing a state line from, that is NOWHERE in any law I have found. The only thing I see about crossing state lines is if you have a Title II machine gun/destructive device you have to have a signed permission slip, or if you are selling to a resident of a different state you need to go through an FFL in the buyers state of residence.

Comment ATM keypads (Score 4, Interesting) 162

When I worked in the ATM industry we already had that feature built into the keypad (EPP). If you tried to extract the keys any number of ways (freeze spray, remove back cover, cut front cover, etc.) it would dump the memory and leave the attacker with nothing. All you have to do is contact one of the companies that built those EPP's and they can guide you into a LOW COST hardware method of dumping everything. You don't need to go with a fancy "custom coating" that might fail or have alternative issues. I would not buy this phone as it is over-priced, and I can do the same thing with a common android smartphone and a little software and hardware tweaking. Epoxy is your friend for keeping people out of things they don't need to see, as is encryption with delete upon failure to decrypt. What a joke, but they will sell a bunch of them to Gov. and "special" people.

Comment Re:Sure, I'd Buy One (Score 1) 293

I would love to have a diesel-electric truck, I am going through the process of putting a re-manufactured motor in my F-150 right now as the prices for used trucks is crazy expensive. I found a newer model truck with much higher mileage going for more than 4 times what my truck is worth, so it makes sense to replace the motor in mine. The diesel-electric would give me the range and power I want/need to pull my small trailer and be RELIABLE under all situations. I don't think the world is quite ready for an all electric pick up truck, the rednecks and wanna-be's will pitch a fit and not purchase them.

Comment Re:He Didn't Delve Into Specifics (Score 1) 211

This almost sounds like my previous employer. The software group had version control, but the electrical and mechanical group did not get anything until right before I was laid-off. It was fun being the department librarian and having to keep track of random files that the only real difference was the date stamp. I finally got the electrical group under control, the mechanical group had a completely different system that would ONLY interface with Solidworks, the software group used one of the microsoft version control systems, and we in the electrical group used SVN. What a fun challenge to maintain and organize. Thankfully I don't have to deal with that anymore, our files at my current employer are nothing more than word documents that ANYONE can modify. I have tried to get them to learn about version control but telling a large defense contractor about something simple like SVN is a lost cause.

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