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Comment Re:If Amazon is smart... (Score 1) 461

Apple. And they're thoroughly pissed about that: yeah, they're making more money than ever before but that's not what this is about

Are you a complete idiot? How can you possibly not know that music industry revenue and profits have PLUMMETED in recent years?


Comment Re:Why is it so difficult for people to understand (Score 2) 110

Here's a few off the top of my head:

No touch interface support (full API in Flash, very early stages of development with HTML5)
No alpha channel support on top of video
No dynamic objects (captions / titles etc) or navigational items on top of video
Can't interact (e.g. record from) a webcam
Can't record audio from your microphone
Can't create desktop applications with HTML5
Very limited set of codecs (audio and video) in HTML5
No built in color correction
Can't handle binary data
No peer to peer support
No binary network sockets
No progressive streaming support (i.e. you can't jump into the middle of a video without downloading everything to that point)
No DRM support
No accessibility support
No Full Screen mode

In addition for most Flash games of any level of sophistication, recreating them in JS + HTML5 will be an incredibly painful experience for developers. AS3 has evolved into a robust, full featured language that well supports the needs of developers.

Comment Re:Daniel Jubb's Mustache (Score 1) 405

That's all I could think of whilst he was speaking. A better image can be found here: http://thechap.net/content/section_news/?p=20

"Daniel now designs rockets for the U.S. Military under the aegis of his Falcon Project. He still operates the business out of his parents’ garage, which he has converted into a space station. He claims to have had a moustache since he was 12. Indeed, a photograph exists of him, aged 13, on a missile-test platform at Otterburn Army Training Estate, Cumbria, with a hairy top lip. Tragedy nearly struck, however, when he was 15. A small explosion during an experiment burnt off half his moustache. His mother made him shave off the other half, but since then it has blossomed into a fine example of a British Handlebar."

Comment Re:One controller port (Score 1) 135

I have never seen a laptop with only one USB port.

Yup, epic fail here as noted by others. Check out the Dell E4200 which is a *current* model and note the single USB port. Unfortunately I own one of these suckers and it is as insanely annoying as you might imagine: http://www1.euro.dell.com/uk/en/business/Dell-Laptops/laptop_latitude_e4200/pd.aspx?refid=laptop_latitude_e4200&cs=ukbsdt1&s=bsd

Role Playing (Games)

Aion Servers To Merge, XP Grind Softened 108

Massively reports that NCSoft's fantasy MMO Aion will soon be getting a round of server mergers to balance player populations and shore up in-game economies. A newsletter from Aion producer Chris Hager also brought word that character transfers will be an option starting in June, and NCSoft will be "offering them to all of our players for free for a limited time." This is happening in the lead-up to the game's 1.9 patch, due on June 2, which contains a number of measures to make the XP grind a bit less harsh (among other things; patch notes). They're creating more quests, increasing XP rewards from existing quests, and implementing a system that "grants you experience bonuses as you continue to play."

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