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Comment These rules helped me (Score 1) 498

I used to have a single password for everything. Then more and more websites started bothering me because it only had lowercase letters and numbers. Once I couldn't remember all these unique passwords or which sites had them, I made the switch to a password manager. Yes, sometimes I have to click on "generate" a second time if the first password messes some rules, but that's not a big deal.

Comment Supply and demand (Score 5, Insightful) 120

You got scalpers and bots because some morons want to circumvent the rules of the market. When supply is limited and demand is high, prices should go up. Then no bots, no scalpers. Of course poor people would have to go see something else, like one of the many good scenes that fail to attract audiences.

Comment Think video (Score 1) 146

On a single image the additional detail is guess work, the information isn't there. But think multiple slightly different but related images of the same subject, like any video filmed in the past 100+ years. Now you can cross-check and improve guesses with time correlation, and really find things that are there in terms of information, but invisible to the eye because each bit is spread over multiple frames.

Comment Leave and let die (Score 2) 433

Either he's really as bad as you say, and the management is oblivious, and the company is doomed. You're better out.

Or, as shown by the fact that you consider staying in such a bad environment, you know you can't find a better job, because you're shit yourself, and the company would really be better off without you.

In any case, you have to go.

Comment It's all about tuition fees (Score 1) 531

US engineers got fucked dry by US universities with ridiculous tuitions, and now they're trying to recoup their losses with big salaries industry-wide. But in the meantime engineers in Europe do the same job for half the price, and those in Asia will take even less. Why should US CEOs and the US economy as a whole enable the racket?

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