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Comment How does it work? (Score 2) 170

None of the linked article explain how this is done. Can anyone chime in and explain? Are the binaries in ELF or in PE? Did they finally complete a POSIX-compatible libc or did they implement the Linux kernel syscall API? Is there some kind of host process that intercepts the syscalls and implements them in user space?

Comment Re:Blizzard takes games seriously (Score 1) 250

Shitty programming isn't responsible for people hacking the game, that's just the opportunity. You need a motive, and it's the game designers that provide that. They needed a retention mechanism, and rather than providing a gameplay that is truly enjoyable on the long run based on its own merit, they chose an addictive micro-reward grinding/collection mechanism.

In such a setup, smartly-priced micro-payment is the only way to prevent the rich and busy from cheating. You would have thought that they learned their lesson with WoW and gold farming.

Comment Sue yourself (Score 1) 250

They should sue themselves, because by releasing 'Overwatch Open Beta' just days *BEFORE* the release of 'Overwatch,' Plaintiffs are attempting to destroy or irreparably harm their own game before it even has had a chance to fully flourish.

If you're going to make a shitty rip-off of a ten-year old game, sell it *before* you let people play it.

Comment No ennemy (Score 1) 171

China is not repeating the mistakes of the USSR. They know showing their superiority would spur the very kind of reaction Smith longs for, so they keep most of their progress under wraps. A competing nation supporting a competing societal ideology, which can send stuff to space before everyone else, that can scare/motivate people. A few hackers in a basement that know your blood type and what brand of detergent your order online, that's not scary.

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