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Comment Re:da fuq? (Score 3) 98

Erm... yes and no, but actually no.

The scene you're referring to was added in the special edition (1997). Boba Fett's first appearance was in fact in an animated sequence of the famously bad holiday special (1978) which depicts events a year after episode 4 and 2 years prior to episode 5.

Comment Now that would be a ridiculously stupid move (Score 1) 8

WebOS is probably the most valueable asset Palm has and is in many aspects (excluding the number of apps available in the App-Catalog) superior to Android.

So Palm is going to compete in the mobile hardware business? The Pre's hardware isn't that special, so this would make absolutely no sense.

This rumor is either false or Palm's execs have lost their minds.

Comment Re:I teach survey design... This is terrible. (Score 1) 120

Hah, I love that comment!

"Overall - considering performance, cost, and any other factors - how would you rate your ISP?" - so many factors in one 10-point scale? WTF are you thinking?
First, think about what you want to find out, make up hypotheses and then ask something related to them that can actually be translated into usable results.

As I've pointed out before: The creator of the survey was apparently constrained by the service she used to build this thing. By the looks of it, it's utter crap probably not even designed to be used for surveys. If she had googled (or binged, whatever...) for 5 seconds, she would have found at least 10 more suitable tools on the first page of results alone.

Comment Re:Uhmmmmm (Score 3, Informative) 120

Well... If I wanted to create a proper survey, I wouldn't use the free version of (I just assume that the creator used the free version, since it's limited to 10 questions per form and the survey has 10 questions...). Get yourself a proper server (IIS should do it too) and install a proper system like LimeSurvey ( - you'll find that more useful than some ugly online service. Have fun evaluating all those textboxes!

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