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Comment Re:Not only NASA. (Score 0) 132

LOL!!! I knew I would get modded down. It's funny that I was modded down for having a point of view that somebody didn't like, referred to as "flamebait," yet I was merely pointing out facts. After all, the theory of evolution has only been around for a bit over 150 years. Creation? Oh, a few thousand years.

Comment Re:Not only NASA. (Score 1) 132

Since I'm tired, I'm going to make this short.

Creationists, which you mentioned earlier, have been around since, um, CREATION. =)
Evolutionists have been around since ~mid 1800's (Darwin), with a few fringe pockets prior to Darwin's existence.
You said that creationists are taking over, when it appears that you meant that creationists have lost ground but still have significant influence.

Macro-evolution is NOT a fact. Macro-evolution says that I arrived here via over a period spanning a few hundred million years to a couple of billion years, changing from a single celled organism in the water, to multi-celled, to something maybe having fins and gills, to something with foot-like fins and lung/gill variation, to a frog, to a lizard, to a bird, to a walrus, to a Sasquatch, to a Neanderthal, to a human. It can not be proven. It absolutely can not be shown to be a fact. Theories are NOT fact, otherwise we would call them facts. We call them theories because they are the closest thing we can come up with to a potential fact. Since a theory can be overthrown by a single contrary experimental result, they are not fact.

Micro-evolution says that a particular type of bird can change over time to be a different type of bird, but it will ALWAYS be a bird.
You can take thousands of years with one type of dog (say a dingo), breed for particular characteristics, and then come out with hundreds or thousands of different types of dogs, but they will always be dogs, even after billions of years.
Each type of critter might micro-evolve to something that is nearly unrecognizable in comparison to the original form, but they will never evolve to become a completely different animal (lizard to dog, bird to platypus, whale to hyena).
Similarly, humans will change over time, but we will always be human (not considering religion).

I know the super hot, dense ball of matter theory, but where did it come from? The singularity? Where did that come from? It had to come from somewhere. From something. Why is it so hard to think beyond that? Why is it so easy to have FAITH in the theories of evolution or the Big Bang, but it's impossible to believe that God said, "Let it be," and it was. Similarly, why couldn't God have said, "Dude," and then the dude was suddenly standing there?

Comment Re:Not only NASA. (Score 1) 132

I have an understanding of the basic process of science that is only slightly higher than than that of a layman. You have to admit that part of the process doesn't make sense. Occam's Razor is only one of those parts. If the simpler theory wins, probability indicates that the accepted theory may occasionally, in fact, be the WRONG theory. Not often, I admit, but occasionally, you must be willing to admit. If you aren't willing to admit this, then your mind is set, indicating your unwillingness to accept what truly is possible, also disqualifying you from being an impartial party. Science requires impartiality. Without impartiality, I think it is called politics. =)

Given the above, the theory of evolution is, at least in part, absolutely and totally impossible to prove. Obviously, micro-evolution is provable, however, macro-evolution will never be observed. You can't possibly live your life on this planet for billions of years, keep perfect records, and then come back to show us that a zebra turned into a sugar plum fairy. That means that there is absolutely no proof of macro-evolution, so it should be taken only as a possible explanation. Since it is not fact, but a possible explanation, that makes it a theory.

Big Bang Theory (not the show) - there was absolutely nothing, and then nothing exploded. It is absolutely impossible for NOTHING to explode. If there is nothing, then .... Oh, good grief. How many theories, hypotheses, or wild guesses are out there that tell us that nothing happens without something else happening to it. If there was any possible way for you to observe a complete and total VOID (no matter, no dark matter, no electrical activity, no light, ...) for billions, trillions, or quadrillions of years, you would still be observing nothing. Or is that NOT observing anything. It doesn't matter. The way scientists have postulated, without something, there was NO BIG BANG! If there was something, from where did that something originate?

Comment Re:Not only NASA. (Score -1, Flamebait) 132

What? LOL! The creationists have had control for a VERY long time. The evolutionists are currently barking loudest, giving the impression that they have the upper hand. For some reason, science accepts certain theories as fact, even without real proof. Sounds to me like the same type of faith over which they berate creationists.

Comment Re:Pardon? (Score 1) 231

Here is a verse from the Bible that shows more detail on who will end up in Hell. This is above and beyond the "big ten," as are plenty of other verses in the Bible. I can provide more, or you can do the research, if you so desire.

(NASB) 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

I completely agree with your statement that people that persecute gays are sinning. Christians are supposed to help people to be able to make a decision in love and respect. Doing so via a form of persecution will most likely harden people hearts. Instead of infuriating them, a Christian should make a non-Christian think, because a decision has to be made voluntarily to follow God. It must be voluntary.

Mcgrew also stated, "God doesn't hate gays, he hates some of the things they do. He hates some of the things you and I do as well." Here is something to keep in mind in regards to this. God might not hate you for being a sinner, but ALL sin will be punished. If you want to accept the punishment upon yourself and endure an eternity of agony, just keep living like you desire. YOU will be punished for YOUR sin, and that punishment will never end. In order to escape the fury of Hell, you absolutely must repent and accept Jesus. Repentance means that you admit that you are a sinner, and then you turn from your sinful lifestyle and live according to God's Word (The Bible).

The part about accepting Jesus means: I'm a sinner. I have broken God's laws, and I'm going to be sentenced to Hell. The only way I can get out of it is if somebody else takes my punishment for me, and if the Judge accepts that. Since God is the Judge, he has already accepted a plea bargain arrangement to keep me from being punished. He allowed his Son, Jesus Christ, to come to Earth as a man, live like the rest of us (but without sin), and to be given the death penalty, despite the fact that he didn't deserve it. God then breathed life back into his Son, bringing him back from the dead, to live eternally as our Savior. This was the plea bargain, and I only have to accept that it was "payment in full" for the wrongs I've done.

Comment Re:Pardon? (Score 1) 231

I did use paragraphs, AC. Unfortunately, I my comment was posted from my el-cheapo Android phone, which is set up differently than my pc. When I previewed the posting, I saw that everything had been run together. I decided that I didn't want to spend another 6 weeks trying to fix the posting on my phone, so I decided to click Submit. I knew all along that YOU would be responding, most likely with poor grammar and/or punctuation usage, and that you would most likely be using words that should come out of the mouth of nobody.

My 6th grade English teacher used to tell us that people that use "cuss words" were just too lazy and immature to learn the English language well enough to be able to express themselves well enough to be able to get the point across, necessitating the use of foul language as a "crutch." She was probably onto something there.

Comment Pardon Turing, convict us? (Score 2) 231

It sounds like a lot of people are saying, "It was unlawful back then, but it is legal now, so he should receive a pardon!" If that is the case, shouldn't the converse also apply? Should people be prosecuted now for participating in an activity that was legal at the time, but is no longer? I know that it used to be legal to drive 70 miles per hour on a highway near my home, and the speed limit is now 55mph. Should I now be issued a citation for each time I drove at the previously higher rate of speed? Should most of us be prosecuted for taking tax deductions that were legal at the time, but have now been eliminated? If you are convicted of a committing a crime while it is a crime, you are a criminal. Just because it is now legal to smoke marijuana in Washington state doesn't invalidate your 6 month old conviction for drug possession.

Comment Re:Pardon? (Score 1) 231

Islam definitely idolizes a completely different god than Christians and Jews. Islam takes only some of the Bible, mixes in a large amount of non-biblical doctrine and sacrilege, provides for man-imposed world domination, and then calls it peace-loving. Christians and Jews worship the same God of the Bible (not Allah). While there are other differences, the primary difference is that Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah. I am not sure what you mean by misguided, but I'll comment how I think is appropriate: Sin is sin. Homosexuality should not be the primary focus, as being a liar, a thief, an adulterer, and not loving God are things we are all guilty of committing. If we see just how wicked we truly are, when compared to a perfect God, sexuality becomes fairly insignificant. The Bible indicates that homosexuals will not enter the Kingdom of God, but neither will a couple of people having sex outside of marriage, people stealing food from a store, nor people lying to their friends. If you swindle another person or a company out of money or a product, you are included in that list. If you commit one single murder, that makes you a murderer. Similarly, it only takes one little white lie to make you a liar, steal only one piece of candy to make you a thief, and you only have to look at one person lustfully to be guilty of the sin of adultery (or fornication). Many people think that they will go to Heaven because they are good. The Bible says that there are no good people. The only way to Heaven is to abandon your sinful life, accept that Jesus took your punishment on himself by dying, and accept his sacrifice as payment in full for your sins. After that, live your life as close to sinless as you can, read the Bible, pray to God in the name of Jesus, and then tell others about how to obtain salvation from an eternity in Hell. True Christians don't get saved as a way to improve life. It probably will make your life more difficult, since you will post things like this on Slashdot, which will result in getting spammed by multiple flamers, probably modded down, and lots of cursings and death wishes will come your way. Salvation should be pursued for the purposes of serving and obeying the God that gave you life, which makes your eternity MUCH better than the Hell we all deserve.

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