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Comment Re:Brave new world (Score 2) 502

The authorities can easily decide your "harmless" social media account is something doctored up to fool them

Correct. Admission of non-citizens into the US is a judgment call. A doctored-looking social media account may be even worse than no social media account at all. I'm not sure why you consider that a problem.

The traditional way of dealing with visas is to require solid, credible foreign government records (including police reports) and simply refuse admission to anybody who can't provide those. That means no admission from politically unstable countries at all and no admissions from countries whose governments we don't trust. Would you prefer that? Or would you prefer that US immigration officials give people more options for establishing that they might be admissible after all?

Perhaps I was not clear enough. My point is that if you are someone that rarely uses social-media or a professional that keeps it very sanitized authorities might just make the judgment call that it is a doctored account. I was just point out to the OP that a social-media presence is not necessarily in your favor

Comment Re:Brave new world (Score 2) 502

As if I needed more reason not to share my personal life with the world (and TSA)

A social media account can be used to help you establish that you are harmless; if you don't have one, you simply go back into the "unknown" category.

If how authorities view polygraph results is any indicator then your assessment is wrong. Failing a polygraph test is seen as a strong indicator of guilt (even thou its scientific basis are so shaky they are not even admissible in court) while passing one is seen as a good indicator that you cheated somehow. The authorities can easily decide your "harmless" social media account is something doctored up to fool them

Comment Re:Whats the issue? (Score 1) 952

Are you serious? We're talking about legal residents who where prohibited, overnight, to enter the country without any other justification than a whim from Trump. No changed jobs, expired visas, incorrect documentation or lack of vetoes were part of the equation.

The sad part is that the ban seems to be in place only because those 7 countries are mostly Muslim. None of them were involved on any kind of terrorist activity on US soil while other countries which were, notably Saudi Arabia and Turkey, are inexplicably left out of the executive action signed last Friday.

Not that I agree with Trump but to be factually correct 3 of those countries (Sudan, Syria, Iran) are listed by the State Department as "State sponsors of terrorism" and the other 4 are listed as "Terrorist safe havens."

While the "State sponsors of terrorism" list contains only the 3 banned countries, the Terrorist safe havens" list contains many more, including Christian majority countries like Columbia and Venezuela so Trump can't claim in Court that it was purely coincidence that all the States on the list have Muslim majorities.

BTW Neither Turkey nor Saudi Arabia are on the list, in fact they are both considered close allies

Comment Re:Do the right thing - stand against Trump's bigo (Score 3, Interesting) 952

CA pays your bills, bitch. We hand over much more money than we receive from the feds. I hope we do succeed and pull the useless fucking bigoted morons in the middle of our country from our overflowing teats.

I'd like to see how you guys end up rationing your energy when you can no longer connect to the grid of neighboring states. You know your state only provides about 60% of its own energy demands, right? Let me guess, you'll just cut the power to all of the poor people's houses so that the industry there can remain intact? May as well because there are so many homeless people (and multiple families crowded into one single family home) there that you may as well just make everybody who isn't making at least $200,000 a year go the rest of the way to destitution.

They don't get that energy for free. They pay for it you fool. The United States has interconnects and significant energy trade with both Canada and Mexico. Integrating North American Energy Markets - Department of Energy

Comment Re:Can not get energy out (Score 2) 242

Perpetual motion machines are allowed by the laws of physics. The galaxy is one for example, it perpetually rotates effectively forever, and by definition beyond what we can measure.

What IS impossible, is to remove energy from the system. If you do that, any machine stops, eventually, unless you add it back in somehow.

You are confiusing perpetual motion with a perpetual motion machine. In the simplest terms a machine is defined as something that does work. However perpetual motion is the simple act of moving through timespace. A simple photon is in perpetual motion. It will move at c until it hits something and it is absorbed. If the space between it and the closest thing that it can hit is expanding faster then c then it will remain in motion for eternity. This is the reason that there are galaxy's very far away that we can't see. Even though their light is in a direct path towards earth, it will never reatch us

Comment Re:Or just do this. (Score 1) 152

"Stop being cheap and buy known certified products from official channels"

Please, there's plenty of UL/CE-listed crap out there where the second you take the power transformer apart you can find violations.

Certification means jack shit in this day and age.

Certification means that a few "samples" of the product were sent for certification and met the requirements. There is no guarantee that what the manufacturer is putting in the retail package is actually the same as the certified samples. Your best bet is to go with well known companies that would have a lot to loose from a tarnished reputation

Comment Back full circle (Score 4, Insightful) 164

And just like that we are back to the days of mainframes/dumb terminals except that know we will call it the cloud/thin client. The reason are simple, vendor lock-in, walled gardens and "services" instead of ownership means you can milk your clients for years instead of selling them something once

Comment Re:nicotine is evil ! (Score 3, Insightful) 205

Go talk to some smokers. Very few consider cigarettes to be "fun". 90% of smokers started before they were 18. The tobacco industry depends on getting children addicted before they have the maturity to make a rational decision. They deserve to be denounced, and we have a moral imperative to do so.

I started smoking in a ex-communist country with no such thing as advertisement or even a tobacco industry. We started smoking because we saw adults that we looked up to doing it. The fact that it was considered "for grownups only" made it even more enticing, after all childhood is simply the process of learning how to act and graduating to adulthood. Vices like smoking were seen as a sort of a right of passage by the the younger generations, I can't image it is all that different in the rest of the world

Comment Re:Batching Means Delay (Score 3, Insightful) 59

If you publish the entire season at once this means you were sitting on progressively more unreleased for a period of time. Imagine if one were to instead release this content as it were available instead of making people wait...

This would be true for studio based TV shows which are typically shot sequentially. On location series are typically shot all at once, movie style. The extra wait for the entire series to be finished would be a couple of weeks of post-production

Comment Re:Games though? (Score 0) 136

They sell twice as many consoles but have about 1/5 the amount of games as Xbox. This is what happens when people get too dependent on DirectX when OpenGL is soooo much better and available to everyone.

But the Playstation doesn't use OpenGL anyway, one advantage of those high level APIs is they allow abstraction of a vast range of hardware with a cost of overhead for doing so. The Playstation does not have a range of graphics hardware so suffering that overhead would be pointless, they use their own low-level graphics API.

But the Playstation does have a range of hardware with the release of the PS Pro. MS will have the advantage here as the DirectX API originating from the PC was designed from the start to easily develop for a range of hardware. It will be significantly easier for developers to take advantage of the extra power in Project Scorpio then it is for the PS Pro

Comment Re:Fake news != Flawed news (Score 1) 406

The players made those requests with the specific intent of improving their odds unfairly. In Contract Law (which is what applies when 2 parties make an agreement, in this case the rules to be used for a specific game) this is called acting in bad faith 1) n. intentional dishonest act by not fulfilling legal or contractual obligations, misleading another, entering into an agreement without the intention or means to fulfill it, or violating basic standards of honesty in dealing with others.

Comment Re:Support High Speed Rail (Score 1) 408

China's has built extensive infrastructure including high-speed rail to connect the Developed coastal regions with the Underdeveloped Interior. Much of the infrastructure remains underutilized and the development of the interior is still very slow despite the huge problems with overpopulation and pollution in the Developed regions. The truth is that it takes a lot more then infrastructure to develop economically-depressed areas.

Comment No Gut no Glory (Score 4, Insightful) 67

The danger of huge losses due to the inherent risk of explosions is what's kept rocket technology squarely in the hands of government programs for most of its development. At the time when NASA seems to have lost its way, thank you SpaceX and BlueOrigin for having the guts to move the technology forward despite the enormous risks

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