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Comment Re:5%? (Score 1) 58

Lots of stocks go down 5% in one day, especially medical stocks. Hardly steep.

Yes, it's a shame it didn't go down more. Until lack of security affects the bottom line, companies won't make secure devices.

Stock prices don't affect the bottom line (other than on a IPO of course) however a bunch of pissed off investors looking at their portfolio charts shooting straight-down would likely demand the heads of the CEO and the CTO. If the Board of Trustees doesn't deliver you might see a direct share-holder vote being called. That's when you would see some real change in the Industry. Nothing greases the wheels quite like the blood of executives

Comment Re:5%? (Score 1) 58

How would you prove it? Would it require assistance from the company to show that that was what happened?

If the Coroner found the device not functioning during the autopsy and implicate it as the cause of death he could rule the death suspicious (if he were smart) and start the boll rolling for the device to end up at FBI crimes lab directly. Otherwise he would (hopefully) file a report with the FDA or the Manufacturer (which is required to report it to the FDA). Eventually a FDA inspector would get around to reading the report and hopefully be alarmed enough to ask the company to check on the cause of the malfunction. If the company experts found the device is functioning properly and it simply had been turned off somehow or that device's firmware checksum doesn't match the deployed image, the Case would be reopened and the device would end up at FBI labs. It is unlikely that the Company experts would lie to the FDA, for one they would have to explain to them what went wrong which means making up some other defect on the device and second they would be committing multiple felonies and infractions. PS: This scenario assumes a not very sophisticated hacker (which would still be quite capable of penetrating the pathetic security on most medical devices). Someone dedicated to the craft would probably write a in-runtime-memory only exploit that after the deed would restore the device to proper function and wipe itself off without leaving any traces

Comment Re:5%? (Score 3, Insightful) 58

A voluntary or a FDA ordered full recall one are unlikely or you would have seen the stock price come crashing down and trading halted . Device security is just not taken seriously in the industry. Practically the only invulnerable devices are the ones with network-stack implementations so broken as to render networking functions pretty usless. The Industry benefits from there not being any cases of harm to patients. Few people outside of research would target medical devices given the risk of causing physical harm to innocent people. Of course this could change in an instant were someone to off their rich-uncle for the inheritance by hacking into his pacemaker. The scandal would cause a tsunami that would come crashing down on the Biotech industry

Comment The lack of competition (Score 4, Insightful) 164

Most people are so used to Internet Service being the Monopoly of the Cable provider that they are not aware of alternaties in the few areas where Fiber is available. Not to mention that Cable actually does compete in those few areas where there is legitimate competition from Fiber

Comment Re: call an ambulance (Score 1) 153

$900 is very high. Do they enjoy a government monopoly? Private fire is supposed to allow pricing pressure. Are there very few people in your town?

When the barrier of entry to a market is very high because of the need for large up-front investments (like buying a fire engine and a ladder engine) or because there is long regulatory hurdles (like getting permits to dig in order to lay cable) you don't need a Government enforced monopoly, you enjoy what economists call a "Natural Monopoly"

Comment Re:Does it pass the Simon Phoenix test? (Score 4, Interesting) 77

That is, does it require a live eyeball that has not been forcibly removed from its socket?

"Research has shown that post-mortem eyes can be used for biometric identification for hours or days after death, despite the decay that occurs"

Although I suspect that if you are missing an eye or just plain dead, your phones security is probably the last of your worries

Comment Re:He should have dropped the whole shit (Score 1) 39

I mean, after all it's likely that they came from the same sweatshop that make the "real" ones...

The number one reason they hate the counterfeiters is that they exposed their Luxury Brand production scam by doing exactly that and forced them to start producing in countries with strong Labor Laws again

Comment Re:Yay for regressive taxes! (Score 1, Informative) 271

The GOP has been trying to Help the Poor become self sufficient by.

a) They keep increasing school budges, especially to poor and undeserved areas. WRONG

b) They keep increasing the minimum wage to encourage people to feel productive and appreciated in the labor force as well as be able to afford a living. WRONG

c) Require them to work for free or loose the already paltry safety net that ensures they don't end up hungry and homeless. DING DING DING DING

Long Prison sentence for minor offenses are also a popular program for the GOP to help the poor. People get to learn all kinds of valuable skills in there. They should probably change the name from "State Penitentiary" to "Worker retraining program." The MOTO writes itself: Go in as a petty thief and graduate as a Seasoned Gangster

Comment Re:Fool and his money are soon parted (Score 1) 303

Solar and wind is very cheap in Developing countries where Electric outages are simply a matter of fact. In the Developed world outages are largely unacceptable and You need Conventional Production overcapacity that can take over and continue running thru extreme weather events that can shut down your solar and wind for days if not weeks. Even The alternative which is large, long term storage such as using pumps to fill a dam, is really just a hydroelectric power-plant that is mostly sitting idle and loosing money. The lesson here is that if you want to really be thorough about the cost of renewable's in the Developed world you have to take in account the price of mitigation for their intermittent nature

Comment Re:Aging is a degenerative disease (Score 4, Interesting) 373

Research suggests that aging is actually a species survival strategy from the earliest days of life. Young bacteria fared much better when competing against aging, slowing parents. Without this advantage the young would have difficulty competing with their hardened parents and the species future would be jeopardized as the old continue accumulating genetic damage from environmental factors such as UV rays, which means higher chances of unhealthy offspring

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