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Comment Re:Lights on vs someone being home (Score 1) 288

I'd go with the "firing of synapses without purpose" hypothesis. It if was actually productive, evolution probably would have made it available to us without drugs. Psychedelics are not special, these are relatively simple molecules imitating neurotransmitters. So if tripping were so beneficial, it could probably be triggered through normal pathways, with the added bonus of being able to switch from high to baseline at will.

Until the very recent (in evolutionary terms) formation of large social groups that could support the development of technology, a state of hyperactive brain activiy that consumes even more resources than the brain already does, would not have been something that was very beneficial and selected for thru evolution

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 3, Informative) 343

What surprises me is that they need a study to tell this. Just look around, everyone who owns a damn cell phone is using it at some point while driving. At every red light, you can see at least 1/2 driver looking at their phone. Best way to catch them: cops in buses to spot them. And best way to deter them: higher ticket price.

People tend to not follow laws that they think are irrational, and most people think that prohibiting checking the phone while the car is at a complete stop, is stupid. Want to make things safer, then require the gear be placed in [Parked]. I don't know about other states but in NY you can get be ticketed while parked at the curb if the engine is running. The Laws in this case should strike a balance that minimizes risk and provides the most benefit, rather then idealism that in practice is wildly ignored

Comment Re: Perhaps an S7? (Score 1) 119

why not try something like a OnePlus 3T?

I won't buy a phone without a microsd card slot, but other than that they look like a really good phone at a good price. If they offer a model with external storage the next time I'm in the market, I will consider them.

* Local money, not $US

He suggested you look at "something like a OnePlus 3T" not just the 3T model or OnePlus . There are dozens of Android vendors and models with about every combination of specs and features one might want. It would serve you well to at least glance over whats out there instead of blindly picking up another Galaxy version

Comment Re:Speaking of airlines (Score 1) 135

You realize that this can literally happen anywhere, right? Including a hospital? You have no legal right to be on private property after being asked to leave. Period.

You do realize that there is not Constitutional right to operating a business. Business is regulated and often requires a license, which can be revoked just as easily as permission to be on private property. If a business doesn't serve the interests of the community it should not operate. Period

Comment Re:Rule Change when it's in his best interest? (Score 2) 450

the only thing enforcing the fillibuster was tradition. which both parties supported. then the democrats killed it in 2013.

Before than the filibuster was used sparingly to block only the most extremes of appointments, The Republicans turned it into a WMD and blocked appointments en masse so they could use the confirmations as barganing chips to get concessions.

The Obama noamnie, Garland was a centrist the GOP should have been more than happy to accept rather then roll the dice on the Presidental election (especially once Trump became the nomanniee and most professional pollers called the election lost) but in todays political reality where people scream treason even for as little as their representatives talking to the "enemy" accross the aisle, there is little room for compromise.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

We aren't talking about a training mission but a real fighting force. Pre withdrawal there were some 50,000 troops in Iraq, fighting alongside the Iraqi army as well as keeping them and the politicians from abusing the Sunni population too much. The administration decidede it didn't want to leave behind a training mission because it didn't want to be seen as sanctioning the cracdown on the Sunni population

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 5, Informative) 755

The U.S withdrew because their Iraqi government wanted the U.S out so they could crack down with impunity on the Suni population. They did so by refusing to renew the agreement that kept U.S troops under U.S jurisdiction. The eventual crackdown and the dissatisfaction of the Suni population is what led to the spectacular collapse of the Iraqi force in Suni territories, ceding of half the country to ISIS.

It wasn't that the Iraqi troops were afraid of the small group of ISIS fighters comping from Syria, but they knew that the minute they showed up the Suni population was going to rise up against them and they would find themselves sourrounded, outnumbered and cut off from their supply lines

Comment Re:In Manhattan???? (Score 2) 69

Look, half the reason people come to NYC is the fact that you don't drive - you take cabs or the subways. I know drunkards that moved here JUST for the ability to get drunk at any time of day or night and get home without driving.

I could see Uber cutting down alcohol related driving accidents in any other part of the world - even in Queens or Brooklyn (as there are places far from subways that cabs don't visit).

But if you are drunk and driving in MANHATTAN, you should be put in prison for being stupid, rather than for DWI.

Of course by NYC, you really mean MANHATTAN. 80% of the NYC popluation lives outside Manhttan, most of them not withing walking distance to subway stations and far enough from Manhattan for a eye-watering cab bill. This without even mentioning the people living across the Hudson in NJ, many who work (and party) in Manhattan

Comment Re:Sky is Falling! (Score 1) 620

There is a difference between "It can't be fixed" and "The #rightwingnuts refuse to fix it".

There is blame on both sides. The #rightwingnuts that refuse to acknowledge there is a problem and the #leftwingnuts that not only refuse to understand that Nuclear ang Natural Gas have to be part of a resonable solution but activly work to against them even as it is largely replaced with dirty alternatives aka Germany and Japan.

Comment Re:seems cheap (Score 2) 138

considering the scale of this project I am surprised the cost is only US$272 million, has technology to do this advanced that far or are the Norwegians just very efficient. hell a lot of large buildings cost considerable more than this

Simply blasting and moving rock by barge is not all that expensive. Of the original 5.25 Billion cost estimate for the Panama Canal expansion, nearly $3 Billion was set aside just for the Locks and they are largely responsible for the disputed, $1.7 Billion cost overrun as well. In traditional automotive tunnels, a large part of the budget is for connecting infrastructure to existing road networks as well as Ventilation and Fire Suppression systems, all of which is not a concern with this project

Comment Re:Nothing useful in standard system directories (Score 1) 151

If you ever manage to get your systems back, you would have to be pretty stupid to trust they haven't been tampered with, whole disk encryption or not. They could have modified the Bios, Raid controllers or even the firmware on the drives themselves.There is no chance I would ever plug in those systems back to a network connection ever again. Take the data and start over, is the only way to be safe!

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