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Comment Re:Batching Means Delay (Score 3, Insightful) 51

If you publish the entire season at once this means you were sitting on progressively more unreleased for a period of time. Imagine if one were to instead release this content as it were available instead of making people wait...

This would be true for studio based TV shows which are typically shot sequentially. On location series are typically shot all at once, movie style. The extra wait for the entire series to be finished would be a couple of weeks of post-production

Comment Re:Games though? (Score 0) 127

They sell twice as many consoles but have about 1/5 the amount of games as Xbox. This is what happens when people get too dependent on DirectX when OpenGL is soooo much better and available to everyone.

But the Playstation doesn't use OpenGL anyway, one advantage of those high level APIs is they allow abstraction of a vast range of hardware with a cost of overhead for doing so. The Playstation does not have a range of graphics hardware so suffering that overhead would be pointless, they use their own low-level graphics API.

But the Playstation does have a range of hardware with the release of the PS Pro. MS will have the advantage here as the DirectX API originating from the PC was designed from the start to easily develop for a range of hardware. It will be significantly easier for developers to take advantage of the extra power in Project Scorpio then it is for the PS Pro

Comment Re:Fake news != Flawed news (Score 1) 401

The players made those requests with the specific intent of improving their odds unfairly. In Contract Law (which is what applies when 2 parties make an agreement, in this case the rules to be used for a specific game) this is called acting in bad faith 1) n. intentional dishonest act by not fulfilling legal or contractual obligations, misleading another, entering into an agreement without the intention or means to fulfill it, or violating basic standards of honesty in dealing with others.

Comment Re:Support High Speed Rail (Score 1) 408

China's has built extensive infrastructure including high-speed rail to connect the Developed coastal regions with the Underdeveloped Interior. Much of the infrastructure remains underutilized and the development of the interior is still very slow despite the huge problems with overpopulation and pollution in the Developed regions. The truth is that it takes a lot more then infrastructure to develop economically-depressed areas.

Comment No Gut no Glory (Score 4, Insightful) 67

The danger of huge losses due to the inherent risk of explosions is what's kept rocket technology squarely in the hands of government programs for most of its development. At the time when NASA seems to have lost its way, thank you SpaceX and BlueOrigin for having the guts to move the technology forward despite the enormous risks

Comment Re:Just can the entire guest worker series. (Score 3, Interesting) 538

An even better solution - move to a points system and no guest workers.

Here's another even better solution: Set a fixed limit, and then auction off the visas to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going to the US Treasury. Currently, they are free (other than a processing fee) and issued to whomever is first in the queue. An auction would ensure they go to the companies that value them the most, and have a real need to import critical skills, rather than just looking for cheap labor.

Seriously? Like the Tech Giants don't already have enough unfair advantages over smaller rivals and especially Startups which are the companies most likely to need to look offshore for people with uncommon skills

Comment Re:Goes to 11. (Score 1) 129

I am not a psychometrician and my number was a rather crude deduction from a quick google search that gives %68 of the population between between IQ's of 85 and 115. Assuming the remainder is roughly evenly divided between above and below, I deduced the %15 figure giving it a %2 margin of error. Thank you for the information though. Just because my post was mostly a rant against self-important jerks it doesn't mean I should have skimped on research

Comment Re:Increase gaming preformance by going back to Wi (Score 1) 129

Most people don't upgrade the OS, you can see that perfectly clearly at the dismal %25 Windows 10 marketshare even though it was offered as a free upgrade and MS used all kinds of sleazy tactics to trick people into the upgrade. Most people end up with a new OS only when buying new PC's and the major problem Vista had was buckling to Vendor pressure and lowering the "required minimum specs" just before release. Those lowered specs simply were not good enough to provide a consistent and satisfactory user experience in Vista. MS significantly increased minimum specs in Windows 7, RAM requirements were doubled among other things

Comment Re:Goes to 11. (Score 1) 129

So the poor sucker that lost in the genetic lottery and is someone in the %15 of the population below average intelligence, has to stand all day doing an incredibly boring and repetitive job all the while being belittles and humiliated from average intelligence assholes like yourself; $15/hour? Not even $50 is good enough for having to deal with bullies like you

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 2) 373

First of all the OP was talking about employer-provided health care which is all together different then people covered directly under the ACA marketplace plans.

Second. Comparing Private-insurance pre ACA plans with post ACA is not an apples-to-apples comparison. The ACA set requirements on the minimum plans must cover as well as ban common tactics like lifetime limits, which kept premiums down but made the plans all but useless for common but expensive ailments like heart disease and cancer. Treatment for those would easily surpass the lifetime limits and leave you liable to pay out-of-pocket until you became poor enough to qualify for Medicaid, were forced into Bankruptcy (or both).

As per the large 2015-2017 increase you saw. That was down to compensating for the laws new requirements as well as some growing pains as insurers figured out where the premiums need to be. Since the ACA requires the %85 of premiums be spent on actual health-care this was not a simple case of profiteering by insurers. Since then as your analysis shows the increases have stabilized below the historical average

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 2) 373

You mean to tell me you empoyer dropped health insurance coverage, saving itself a bundle, but didn't increase your salary? I would say you got fleeced by your employer. In reality employer sponsored premium growth has actually slowed down since the ACA so not only they fleeced you, they lied to you as well. It had nothing to do with the ACA and everything to do with the suits getting big fat bonuses for "trimming costs" at your expense

Comment Re: Conclusion: (Score 1) 373

And what would you have without farms, you urbanite scum?

$20 billion less farm subsidies a year. Most of the money goes to big, rich farmers producing staple commodities such as corn and soyabeans in Midwestern states. Most of these States pay less in Federal taxes then they receive in benefits (including farm subsidies) from the Federal Government. Yep that's right, the urbanite taxpaying scum is subsidizing your non-competitive businesses

Comment Re:So they didn't enable cheat mode (Score 1) 246

But many developers probably use Safari Developer Mode to work on their projects, and this will help them.

Yes, but those developers don't get their recommendations from Consumer Reports. That magazine's audience would never have encountered that bug.

Obligatory car analogy: say they're testing a Ford Focus. They disable its antilock brakes so that a professional driver can get its best-case dry pavement stopping distance. Along the way, the find an OBD-II bug that causes the brakes to take twice as long to stop the car. They report the bad results instead of the normal, expected values. Yes, their test was correct! It found a bug that needs to be fixed. However, the only people who would ever see that bug are the exact ones who'd notice something was wrong and be able to troubleshoot it. You and I aren't ever going to disable our antilock brakes, even if a test engineer might.

I think that's kind of what happened here. Again, yes, they legit found a bug. My problem with it is that they reported the buggy results instead of the actual ones that a normal non-developer would see. A developer would notice their battery draining in a fourth the expected time and that it only happened when they were debugging in Safari, so they probably wouldn't even be significantly affected by the bug.

It is not a Bug. Disabling caching actually saves battery life to developers as it skips the steps where it checks to see if the cached version on disk is still up to date before downloading the new and writing to cache a version which will soon be outdated again. Sorry but I can't think of an obligatory car analogy

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