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Comment Re:Please specify a better scenario (Score 1) 272

POC is already running. It is heavily write intensive just in testing and, having been on the receiving end of a firehose of data before, we really just wanted to investigate the options. The easy scaling is to just split customers across multiple copies of the database and link them for aggregate queries, but it seems like such a cludge. In the past I have logged everything to flat files and then imported those into the DB every 5 minutes or so, which helps with web layer scaling, but creates a lot of unintended issues managing the flat files. Thus, we are looking at the other options out there.

Comment Re:Database Scaleability. (Score 1) 272

Sorry, didn't mean to make buzzword soup. Here is what we have: Mobile apps -> PHP rest apis -> some datastore (Currently MySQL) -> PHP web for reporting. We are dealing with tracking physical products. We will keep the MySQL for user management and primary tables of product information (UPC, description, weight, etc), but storing information on everything else is where we are not sure.

Comment Re:Stock inventory? (Score 1) 272

This is exactly for the stock inventory project. We currently have MySQL backend and it seems to be working well. Currently plan is to migrate to PostgreSQL in the next few months. We are expanding the project to have consumer-facing iphone/android, so scaling is ??? The consumer facing app will query data looking for availability and then report to the retailers info on those queries (18 people looked for this product in your area last week and you were out). We are also starting to import data from 3rd party inventory systems. The long play here is automated stock and reorder management, but we are starting where there is less competition in the space.

Comment Re:Please specify a better scenario (Score 1) 272

Sorry about that. I just wanted you to have an understanding of what our complete stack looks like and what our connectivity issues would be. I am sure that some NoSQL has better support for PHP, and others have better support for Java. Also, just indicating that this is to support mobile apps, and the inherent unknown scaling issues that come from that.

Comment Re:Do you need a database? (Score 1) 272

I quit a gig within the last year where the company was on DB2 (8) and the data was scattered. Their daily processes were pushing 22 hours to complete, and their chosen solution was just to delete historical data, so that they couldn't even tell their customers what happened the previous month. Of course, the same team had been building their PL/I code since the 1980s, so there was no way to get them unstuck without some executive decisiveness, and that wasn't happening. They wanted a data warehouse for business intelligence in their oracle system. I signed a contract for golden gate with implementation and then walked. Really, the place was a mess. WebFocus for reporting, an excel reporting team because they couldn't get data from WebFocus, a java team where the last 2 architects had quit within a year, a stealth jasper reports team that had been working on the same goal for years with no deliverable, etc. Really, the only thing in the entire place that worked at all was the DB2, and on that alone they were making money hand over fist. It was an amazing scene.

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