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Submission + - Linux desktops, stand up and be counted! (

LandruBek writes: There's yet another attempt afoot to show that Linux-based desktop systems are not as rare as purported. These folks want to demonstrate that the the penguin sits on at least 1% of desktops worldwide:

With this initiative, we intend to refute the statistics of certain press organizations that ensure [sic] that the use of GNU/Linux does not exceed 1% and has not advanced in recent years at the desktop. If you want to help us accomplish this goal, please participate in our statistics!

They're trying to do this by collecting ten million email addresses of desktop Linux users. If you're in that group, and you're ok with their privacy policy and want to be counted too, then why not sign up?


Submission + - Ford Drives Digital Dashboards to Next Level (

pbahra writes: Ford is taking a big step in the creation of fully digital dashboards in their auto-mobiles with the introduction of a second generation of its digital system — Sync. It aims to redesign the entire user interface of the dashboard with color-coded touch screens, better voice recognition and five-way control pads on the steering wheel. This new system redefines the way you control in-car entertainment and climate settings; permits personalization of things like instrument-cluster gauges; and even lets you set up a Wi-Fi network in the car.

Comment Re:I can do everything else online. (Score 1) 170

"No voter can verify that his vote was properly handled, kept anonymous, and counted accurately in any electronic voting system."

You say this like its something unique to e-voting. There is really no guarantee that once you stuff your ballot in that box that it will be properly handled, kept anonymous and counted properly. If you believe that, then that is your first mistake.

Comment Re:Sad yankee system (Score 1) 170

"The chance that Brasil reverts to some form of dictatorship is quite a bit greater than the same thing happening in the US, or most western european states."
LOL How would you even know if it happened in the US or not? By listening to Fox news? LOL
Believe me, if such a thing was possible, no one in the US would even notice. **That's my "ignorance of the day" **

Comment Re:Electronic voting, yes! Online voting, no! (Score 1) 170

Why do people think that paper ballots are automatically better than any form of electronic voting? "Because thats the way we've done it for years and years" And how has that worked out for ya? I'm sure you've never heard of stuffing the ballot box or of mishandling of the ballot boxes, losing ballots, miss-reading of the ballots. Paper ballots have just as many problems as you can cite "e-voting" supposedly has. You can't judge "e-voting" by these buffoons using PDF's as a secure ballot. Must have been bought and paid for by Adobe. Go out and educate yourself on what is actually out there and available with regards to "e-voting", try it out, have your government, PTA, Union whatever, try it out. How many of you guys out there spewing how bad e-voting is do online banking, or have bought something from eBay? Do you use bank machines, how secure are they? Everyday just about everyone with a bank card uses it in some way or another either online or in some flakey ATM or a bank machine somewhere. Your (supposed) money is nothing but a few binary 1's and 0's somewhere in some banks' mainframes. If "e-banking" is good enough for ya then why isn't "e-voting"? Its got, or at least should have at least the same security banking has, if done correctly. Ignorance. Not in the rude-sense. Just pure "I don't know anything about it, so I am going to piss on it with all my heart and I can't stand change, its new so I don't like it" ignorance. All I can say is that I've at least tried "e-voting". It seemed fine to me. "Well how do you know your vote was actually cast for the person you chose?" I don't know. Do we ever really know with paper ballots that the ballot actually got counted, correctly? We may stuff that paper ballot into the ballot box but there is still no guarantee that it actually got counted, ever. You shouldn't fool yourself into thinking that the people working the elections don't necessarily have their own agenda's with regards to voting and the outcome of the election. Every bad thing you can imagine has already been done with regards to paper ballots and counting them etc. It was great sitting at home in my nice comfy chair during a late October storm. The wind and rain blustering about. Me with my laptop sitting on my lap and me voting for Mayor, online. Done in minutes. Didn't have to go out, didn't get wet, didn't miss my Grand daughters first steps. I'm just happy that I live in a fairly progressive city where doing "e-voting" is just one of the perks. Anybody know how many Municipalities in Ontario Canada are doing "e-voting" this October? Many. Guess how many are using PDF's as secure ballots? Zero (AFAIK!)

DC Suspends Tests of Online Voting System 170

Fortran IV writes "Back in June, Washington, DC signed up with the The Open Source Digital Foundation to set up an internet voting system for DC residents overseas. The plan was to have the system operational by the November general election. Last week the DC Board of Elections and Ethics opened the system for testing and attracted the attention of students at the University of Michigan, with comical results. The DC Board has postponed implementation of the system for 'more robust testing.'" Update: 10/06 02:42 GMT by T : University of Michigan computer scientist J. Alex Halderman provides an explanation of exactly how the folks at Michigan exploited the DC system.

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