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Comment Re:I remember (Score 2) 231

I love how the members of one party think they do no wrong and solemnly believe everything bad stems only from the opposing party. It seems as though only recently are people seeing the truth... behind every good deed is countless horrible deeds. Swallow the red pill or tbe blue, either way you end up asleep.

Comment Re:Ironic. (Score 1) 580

I don't have actual experience, but I'm pretty sure as long as you can compartmentalize thoughts sufficiently, you'll probably pass the poly easy. Hear the question, don't listen to it, don't break it down, don't analyze it, and keep your mind away from your answer and why you're saying what you're about to say, and just say it. I feel the danger lies with if you start to slip up with the compartmentalizing technique and you accidently "think" on the question and/or answer even for a fraction of a second - my guess is, these are what cause those little needles to register spikes. I tried to make it very clear, I have no actual experience, this is all just a guess.

Comment Terribly flawed method (Score 1) 580

From a reliable source I can also say that you can fail out from reasonable mistaken discrepancies. You see, tbe length of tbe questionarre is no coincidence. They dont want you to be able to recall what you put down as an answer originally and if you originally said you had moved 4 times in the last 10 years and during the poly you remembered a 5th move, and simply just forgotten originally, and you later say 5.... will easily disqualify you. Their method is flawed and im sure they've disqualified potentially amazing would-be agents over ridiculously stupid technicalities.

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