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Submission + - MafIAA Surrogate vs MEGA and friends (arstechnica.com)

storkus writes: ArsTechnica is relaying the story from TorrentFreak about StopFileLockers.com and its head Robert King, where they claim 4 out of 10 MEGA resellers on PayPal have been forced to stop processing payments through the service. They also mention that other services are also being targeted, with Hotfile being specifically mentioned.

The big question in my mind: how to we stop Robert King and friends?


Submission + - Supercomputer Repossessed by State, May Be Sold in Pieces (datacenterknowledge.com)

1sockchuck writes: A supercomputer that was the third-fastest machine in the world in 2008 has been repossessed by the state of New Mexico and will likely be sold in pieces to three universities in the state. The state has been unable to find a buyer for the Encanto supercomputer, which was built and maintained with $20 million in state funding. The supercomputer had the enthusiastic backing of Gov. Bill Richardson, who saw the project as an economic development tool for New Mexico. But the commercial projects did not materialize, and Richardson's successor, Susana Martinez, says the supercomputer is a "symbol of excess."

Submission + - US Turbine Maker Also Targeted in Waterhole Attack (securityledger.com)

chicksdaddy writes: "The recently reported attack on the prestigious Council of Foreign Relations may be part of a larger campaign of targeted attacks that also includes a California based maker of low emission micro turbines, a security researcher reports.

Capstone Turbine, which makes environmentally friendly gas-powered turbines is believed to have served attacks identical to those served by the CFR, including the use of a previously unknown (zero day) Internet Explorer hole, according to Eric Romang, a Luxembourg-based security expert.

According to The Security Ledger, Romang's investigation of the drive-by download attack served by the CFR website uncovered malicious files on the Capstone site similar to those used on the CFR site. He said the compromise at Capstone predates the attack against the Council of Foreign Relations ‘s web site by more than two months, suggesting that the attacks were both wider and older than initially reported. Romang’s research also suggests that the CFR hack occurred earlier than was first reported – perhaps December 21st or earlier."


Submission + - Newspaper that published gun-owners list hires armed guards (reuters.com)

inode_buddha writes: "Not long ago we ran a story about how a NY newspaper published lists of gun owners. Now, it seems the same newspaper has hired armed guards in response to unspecified threats to the editor, amid "large volumes of negative response". Funny, I thought these people had some problem with gun ownership?"

Submission + - 'Murder By Internet-Connected Devices' is Dumbest Prediction of 2012, '13 &' (cio.com)

Curseyoukhan writes: "Infosec vendor IID (Internet Identity) probably hopes that by the time 2014 rolls around no one will remember the prediction it just made. That is the year it says we will see the first murder via internet connected device. The ability to do this has been around for quite some time but the company won't say why it hasn't happened yet. Probably because that would have screwed up their fear marketing. CIO blogger challenges them to a $10K bet over their claim."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Why Windows is not ready for general usage (grep.be)

An anonymous reader writes: There's this new Windows thing that people keep talking about, and which attempts to replace Linux as the major operating system. I've given it a look, but there's a wide range of problems with using it.
United Kingdom

Submission + - Apple Hides Samsung Apology So It Can't Be Seen Without Scrolling

An anonymous reader writes: Apple today posted its second Samsung apology to its UK website, complying with requests by the UK Court of Appeal to say its original apology was inaccurate and link to a new statement. As users on Hacker News and Reddit point out, however, Apple modified its website recently to ensure the message is never displayed without visitors having to scroll down to the bottom first.

Comment Re:Messed up (Score 5, Insightful) 259

They can hold him for a year for the Pirate Bay conviction possibly longer if they add on time for non payment of fines. However they think he was involved in hacking Logica but as yet they can't prove it. Most people break eventually in solitary and will say and do anything to get out of it. They probably plan on leaving him there for his whole sentence "for his own safety" unless he confesses.

Comment Re:Politics (Score 1) 632

All you need to make a gun is something to hold the bullet and something to hit the firing pin. Of course if you want more than one shot or some level or accuracy it gets a bit more complicated. In theory a pair of pliers to hold the bullet and a hammer with a pointy bit to hit the pin is all you need.

Russia Building World's Largest Li-Ion Battery Plant 128

MikeChino writes "Russia and China are gearing up to dominate the lithium-ion battery industry by launching the world's largest Li-ion plant (press release). Planned for Novobirsk, Russia, the facility will be a joint venture between Chinese firm Thunder Sky and RUSNANO (a Russian state-run corporation) and it will be able to produce up to 500,000 batteries (of all sizes) per year."

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