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Submission + - Canada Privacy Commission takes on Facebook (

DontBlameCanada writes: The Canadian Privacy Commission announced it has contacted Facebook with serious reservations about how Facebook was protecting user data. From their investigation, it was found that developers of the various applications available on Facebook get access to *nearly all* user data, including full name, friends lists, etc.

Their contentions are:
* Even though Facebook has a contract with the developers which covers protection of that data, there is no reasonable way to enforce the protections as there are nearly 1 million developers scattered across the globe.
* After a user deletes their Facebook account, there is no set term for deletion of user data.
* After a Facebook user dies, their profile is preserved as a "memorial" forever, but does not make that clear in their usage agreement.
* Finally, Facebook users can pass on, via Facebook functionality, private information about other users without their consent.

The Canadian Privacy Commission has forward a list of recommendations to Facebook and has threatened possible legal action if the concerns are not addressed within 30 days.

Here's the full story from the Canadian Broadcasting Service:

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