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Comment I would pay. (Score 1) 353

-$10 a month to use Office. Wouldn't you? I mean, sure it's not as good as Open office, or... Well it sucks, but they aren't willing to pay me to use those products, they just expect me to use them for free. If MS wants me to use Office, I'm willing, for a mere $10 a month, for $50 a month I'll actually *use* it, not just pretend to use it and install it on my computer!

Comment Re:How about (Score 1) 285

Yes! Also the more you enjoy the hotter things the more you become tolerant of them. So it's not that you are somehow morally or physically superior to those weaklings who think ketchup is a hot sauce, it's that you eat it all the time. Eat enough spicy foods for long enough and, assuming you enjoy the taste and sensation and you'll be one of those folks who sneers at people who "Think Jalapenos are hot" but it won't make you somehow more manly or superior.

Comment Re:Warning, article written by dumbass. (Score 2) 490

Also, old people. Yes old people have netflix, I'm 47, I have in previous decades hacked/copied/pirated everything/had the coolest fastest/newest/most slashes/best home entertainment stuff. But I got old, I care a lot less about that crap now and my primary movie watching device and television that has a fucking tube, and it has a DVD player plugged into it, and when I get netflix or redbox movies and can toss them in and watch them. I don't want to watch them on my phone, or my pc or my tablet. Because I am old, and I am happy to pop in a disk, since it works and I don't have to rewind it before I mail it back or toss it in the redbox. I have decent bandwidth, and if I wanted to I could get a spiffy new PC or media centre, hell I built one before the term was hip. But I urge you to get off my lawn. It isn't just that your elders can't keep up with the current technology, aren't smart enough or don't see the benefit, you can just get happy doing it the same way. "Because we've always done it that way" is a terrible reason in anything that matters. But for entertainment and leisure activities, such as watching movies... It's a perfect reason. Also the movie industry is run mostly by folks who think me as young.

Comment Maybe right now, but wrong in the long run. (Score 1) 122

Look, the other day I watched a backhoe, barely bigger than a vending machine digging the smallest section of drainage ditch. I'm tempted to just rattle off a bunch of buzzwords and say synergy and 3D printing etc sixteen times. But the increasing complexity, intelligence and sophistication of computing power, software, sensors and things like servomotors is growing at a... Exponential? (Geometric?) INCREDIBLE rate and at some point, sooner than even I think, ten, fifteen years at the max, humanoid robots will be so cheap that they will, in fact be cheaper than actual humans. At that point the problem isn't how to develop and employ them, it's what to do with the 90% of humanity that can't do any job cheaper than a robot. The only jobs left right now are. 1: Guy that does a job robot cannot do. Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, politician. 2: Robot trainer 3: Robot Repairman (See #1) 4: Guy who does a job cheaper than a robot, or a job a robot isn't willing to do. (These jobs suck ass.) AI, like Watson will continue to shrink categories, 1 and 2, and eventually category 3 will be taken over by robots. This is the real robot apocalypse, not murderous killbots, but they will have "TOOK R JOBS" and only folks who own the robots will have any realistic way to make money. The good news, for me, is that I'm kind of old, so it won't crush me. The bad news is that you probably aren't. We need to figure this out, now.

Comment Never EVER Absolutely EVER Work for free. (Score 1) 716

Period, no matter what do not do work for your employer for free. Do it once and you've set a precedent that you can't undo.You pay me to program machines to make parts for you, you are also paying me to make the normal number of mistakes and fix them. If I screw up so often that you can't live with my output, then I should find a different job, if you expect me to fix my mistakes for free then we are violating the basic premise of my employment. What's more you will have created a situation where your employer has a financial interest in making you work for free, and they will accordingly seek to maximize their profit by getting you to do so at every opportunity, the situation will grow worse with time and you will hate your job. I have done something similar to this in the past and it lead to a nightmare scenario. (Although I was exempt salary so it's hard to say when I was working for "free" exactly) When you have made a mistake you might be tempted, but don't fall for it.. As other posters have said a company or contractor repairing something for "free" for it's end customer is fine, those costs should be, in the long run cooked into the price of doing business, but if you are a regular employer you should never ever do this under any circumstances.

Comment Don't miss the point of this please. (Score 4, Interesting) 299

We started off with at least the half hearted assumption that this was the case, then the web and the net went mainstream. Society assumed our paranoia was irrational and silly. It might have been for a bit, but it clearly wasn't in the long run. One of the assumptions we made in the interim and that many folks still make is that, "There aren't enough watchers to watch every one of us" or "They might have access to my e-mail, text and data but they don't have enough people to read each and every one of those things" because we the people society at large, just don't get technology, even those of us who do, Watson super-computing and the Google search algorithm can be applied to you and I our behavior associations and the possibility that we will do something bad in the future... BUT brothers and sisters nevermind that, think for a moment of the possibility that those in charge, or some of them, with access to the spying they might use this access to do something bad, like leak secret e-mails from a popular Governor, that show he closed a bridge, or those who work for him did, as some sort of act of dickery, and so we catch him lying about it, and thus remove the threat of him becoming president... Really... Don't tell me why he is in fact a dick.. he probably is, I could care less, the idea is those with access to the NSA cloud can decide who is in and who is out in terms of eligibility for admission to the public sphere.

Comment Re:Electronic cigarettes (Score 1) 401

You know I hope in the long run we develop some sort of program to deter people from starting nicotine in any form, while also encouraging the lapsed quitter to deflecting his or her relapses to e-cigs or vaping because while I doubt that it's wonderful for your health I can't see how cutting out tar, carbon monoxide and burnt paper can make anything worse for you.

Comment Re:Yeah Yeah (Score 1) 401

Everyone dies, but I'm saving it for last. Don't smoke do whatever you can to encourage others to not smoke. Really not only are the health consequences devastating the power of the addiction is intense, some of you haven't quit, or haven't gotten fully addicted yet don't believe me. But I'm 47 I've smoked maybe ten years or so in my life, quit several times, have been currently been quit for several years, but I still struggle with it sometimes. I could start tomorrow, hell tonight, and be back at it for however long it took to quit again. Really don't smoke, stop now don't reply with some BS about willpower or choice. Look at the statistics count up the corpses do you imagine that you're really so far superior a being to all those who couldn't quit? Don't take that chance. Quit.

Comment Re:Fuckbeta (Score 1) 2219

If I wasn't so tired from shoveling snow I would work out some mathematically logical rational for low userid posturing and posing. You know, based on numbers of orders of magnitude lower than the current newest userid, or perhaps one's place in the percentage of total all-time accounts (This would maximize my 115K bragging rights I think.) and then someone else would work up some clever theorem based on who's userids are prime and who has the lowest and highest prime userids and of course the cool 4 digit one's which coincide with memorable years or even the users birth, and it would spiral into something more interesting than /. beta, but about this time they'd make beta go live and ruin the whole thread causing /.ers to launch some insidious DDOS attack which at first only take out /. but would then spiral out of control and trigger some unforeseen double data copying in the NSAs echelon project, thousands of NSA data centres would catch fire and explode, Leading a nuclear winter and the extinction of life on earth. Good thing I shoveled all that snow after all.

Comment Re:Anything it sees may be used against you (Score 4, Interesting) 192

I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to this sort of abuse by those in power. If the data is streamed back to "police Hq" then there is a layer of oversight there to reduce the abuse, it's not about whether or not the deputy who decided he didn't like the look of you decides to ignore or delete this information, it requires a larger conspiracy by those who are supposed to responsible and accountable, and those who didn't make some mistake or abuse their power to begin with, so it's not unlike dashcams for policemans hats. Also seeing this article with the XKCD extension that replace Google Glass with Virtual Boy made me smile.

Comment Re:Wrong date (Score 1) 202

We should also ad an X-do not oppress field to everyone on Earth's birth certificate or equivalent? That way if they don't want to be oppressed, they can just say so, and surely oppressive governments will abide by the rational, peaceful and nicely expressed desire of their citizens to be, or not be oppressed. Right?

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