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Submission + - On Facebook's privacy douchbaggery (

zacharye writes: It looks like Facebook is finally winning a PR battle. Good for them.

Earlier this week, it was brought to light (again) that Facebook uses several of its smartphone apps to take all of your contacts and store them on its server. Numerous sites ran with the news, but Facebook came forward and calmly pointed out the fact that it displays a disclaimer before taking a user’s contact data and storing that data on its servers.

Well fuck me! A disclaimer! My mistake!

Comment Re:Not limited to IT (Score 1) 283

This is the trick: you don't need to do what you love, instead love what you do.

It is easy to look around you and think that nobody knows what they do and that everybody else's position (except yours, of course) is worthless. Instead, the road to success in IT goes through finding how to do better your and everybody's job, finding the value on your position, testing the limits of your area of influence and continue to renovate yourself.


Submission + - Planet Venus set to get in the Moon's face (

coondoggie writes: With all the talk lately about the recent monster solar flare and its impact on Earth, there are other things going on up there to make you gaze into space. For example, next Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 28 and March 1, the planet Venus and our Moon will put on a side-by-side show where Venus will be shining to the Moon’s lower left on the 28th and on its upper right on the next night.

Former Infinity Ward Bosses Sign With EA 80

BanjoTed writes "MCV has revealed that Jason West and Vince Zampella – the former bosses of Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward – have opened a new studio and signed a publishing deal with Activision's fierce rival EA. The news comes amidst the backdrop of the increasingly bitter legal dispute between the pair and the owners of their former studio. It's the most astonishing development yet in what is inevitably going to end up as a very bloody saga." Their new studio is called Respawn Entertainment. West and Zampella spoke about the situation in an interview with Eurogamer.

Submission + - Supreme Court NOT splitting on Immigration call (

DonSasquatcho writes: It's already rare enough to find a Supreme Court decision that is not split 5-4, much more so when it is related to immigration. In this one the Court leaned 7-2 in favor of granting defendants the right to know the residence/immigration consequences of their legal cases. (The usual suspects voted against it: Scalia/Thomas)
One wonders if Chaney will now label the rest as "The Immigration Seven"


Surgeon Makes Tutorial DVD For Conscious Open-Heart Surgery 170

Lanxon writes "Swaroup Anand, 23, from Bangalore, was fully conscious as he underwent open-heart surgery. An epidural to the neck, administered at the city’s Wockhardt Hospital, numbed his body during the procedure. Dr Vivek Jawali pioneered the technique ten years ago and has recently released a tutorial on DVD, which gives a step-by-step guide to the procedure for other surgeons to watch and learn from."

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