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Comment Re:Hitting the brakes slows you down. (Score 1) 212

An experienced batter will have a pretty good idea where the ball is going to land, from the moment it leaves his bat. He will know whether he's going to have to really hustle to get to first base before the ball does, or if he might have a chance at second. If he's got a chance of making second, he doesn't have to take the fastest path to first, to be sure of getting that far. And if he's still thinking that he may be able to make second base by the time he's half way to first, he should still be able to round first base toward second, and then put the brakes on, and get back to first before the ball does.

Comment Asimov didn't abandon the Robot idea 40 years ago (Score 2, Insightful) 426

While all of the stories in I Robot were first written 40 years before his death, Issac's positronic robots, and the three laws were something that he kept coming back to, time and again, throughout his career writing SF. His last works of fiction tied his earlier robot and Foundation stories together into one shared continuity. He clearly did not believe that he had written the last definitive word on the subject.

I am willing to give the new stories the benefit of the doubt. I won't declare them awful, until I've actually had the opportunity to read them.

Comment Re:Fuck Colbert, tell him to get his own Station (Score 3, Informative) 398

Actually, the Hungarian ambassador came on his show, and gave him a plaque, or something, certifying that he had won the contest, and then specified that for them to actually name the bridge after him, Colbert had to speak Hungarian. Colbert demonstrated his fluency by knowing the "hid" was Hungarian for "bridge." The ambassador accepted that as meeting the first requirement, then told him that the second requirement was that he be dead, at which point Colbert acceded, and agreed to let them name the bridge after some Hungarian national hero.

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