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Submission + - Japan Ordered to Stop Scientific Whaling ( 1

sciencehabit writes: Japan has to stop capturing and killing whales under its whaling program in the Antarctic, called JARPA II, the International Court of Justice has said. In a judgment issued in the Hague in the Netherlands today, the United Nations court has ordered Japan to revoke existing permits to catch whales for scientific purposes, and to stop granting such permits in the future. The ruling is a victory for Australia, which filed Court proceedings against Japan's whaling in 2010, arguing that it breached international obligations.

Comment Good for reading, not study (Score 1) 247

I like my DX for casual reading. It's nice to carry a large number of books in a small package. I can easily convert text online to PRC files to read later without printing stuff out all the time. I like having a built in dictionary and text search, plus the wireless connection to Wikipedia is useful. The E-ink display is not as good as real paper of course, but I can read it for a long time and forget about the device, which is something I can't do on a back lit LCD. But, I find it hard to use for school. I don't really make a lot of notes in the margins or highlight stuff so that loss doesn't bother me. I just miss the ease of flipping pages. When I study I constantly refer back to preceding pages to look at diagrams or to reread things. I jump around a lot. This is very annoying to do on the Kindle, especially if you are viewing a large PDF when turning pages becomes impossible to do quickly. I'm sure devices in the future will solve this problem. So for straight reading, especially fiction or web essays/articles I love it. For study, no thanks.

Comment Re:Athiest or Agnostic? (Score 1) 1224

BCGlorfindel, I don't disagree with you. I would like to use new terms. I think that's what the Wiki article is getting at with the terms weak and strong atheist.

Spazmania, what is this "God" you keep talking about? Please define the term. Somebody once said asking questions about God(s) is as intelligible as asking, "what color is Saturday"? Which leads to my favorite new term in this topic: "ignosticism"

I don't think the term "agnostic" is a pejorative. At the deepest level I'm an agnostic about everything. I don't even know if you exist. (I might be a brain in a vat, etc.) Again it all depends on who's asking me about God and what they think it means. If some deep thinkers like Einstein or the Dalai Lama were asking me I would certainly be an agnostic with no shame regarding a lack of conviction. If a fundamentalist Christian, who believed Jesus was coming back in the body any moment now, was asking me about their God, I would certainly be an atheist. So as I said in the beginning I am both an atheist and an agnostic.

But you are right about the spin Spazmania. I don't see it as a bad thing though. Especially when the second definition of atheism in the American Heritage dictionary includes the word "immorality". So I think some positive or maybe philosophical spin is needed for a word used for a much reviled minority. (Some tried to make up a new word, "bright (n.)", but that didn't work out for obvious reasons.)

I find these topics fascinating, so if you want to continue the discussion feel free to e-mail me at my username at

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