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Comment Re:Privacy laws (Score 1) 318

It is illegal to see things, in some situations. E.g., if you trespass or climb up a ladder and look in someone's window, you're invading privacy. This is why people can, and have, sued google for taking photos of their private property.

At least where I live, people have a right to a certain level of, and expectation of privacy in some situations. I'd argue, as most reasonable people would, that it applies to wifi.

Comment Re:So, beat it out of them! (Score 1) 500

Why does everyone sound like a bunch of irritable, dimmwitted grandpas in this thread? The problem with violence in schools is related to poverty, trash parents and single mom parenting, (most in prison were single-mom parented) along with lead and cadmium poisoning and poor nutrition. Lead correlates to criminality. Vitamins help.

Comment Re:So, beat it out of them! (Score 1) 500

You don't need to spank to teach though. Spanking teaches to use violence instead of remediation. If you were torturing animals and couldn't learn to stop, you shouldn't be in charge of animals. Duh.

If you ever watch the Super Nanny you see children are usually unruly because their parents are retards, spanking or not. And spanking isn't even used to gain control. Also I think it's what they feed them too. I find spanking is usually a sign of a stupid parent that's out of control. Typically what you see in poor ghetto families. And from the track record, I don't think we should use ghetto tactics to rear our children.

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