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Comment Re:Also (Score 1) 865

Of course, what decade that was totally depends on just HOW old the person commenting is. People never seem to realize that one universal constant - while you're growing up, you watch a bunch of stuff (and listen to a bunch of music), and some of it you think is pretty awesome. Then you get old, and you complain EVERYTHING now sucks. It's been true for decades, if not centuries.

I agree wholeheartedly. I think part of this phenomenon is driven by the fact that people that fall into this behavior are performing a biased comparison. They're comparing all the crap that's current with the cream of the crop from the past. There was just as much crap movies being produced 20 years ago, but we all forgot about those movies, because they were crap!

Comment Re:Ready, fire, aim (Score 2) 529

Wait, you store your actual cash inside a credit account?

The issue is that many banks provide credit-backed (Visa, MC, etc) debit cards that are tied directly to one's checking/savings account. If that number gets lifted then yes, the money is drawn directly from the account in question. Granted, only an idiot would use their debit card in a way that exposes them to fraud like this, but it's not a matter of disputing a pending bill - that money is gone, and does not come back until an investigation is completed. I doubt that Anonymous cares enough to differentiate between the types of cards with which they are performing this stunt and exclude the debit card numbers.

Comment Re:Support them from your own money (Score 1) 666

This is true . . . however I feel I should expand on this, if I may. One of the support features you get from a paid subscription to RHN is bugfixes/updates shipped directly from their yum repos. If you're not subscribed, you need to figure out a different patching vector yourself. If you want to guarantee security patches are easily applied as soon as RedHat releases a fix, then a subscription may be worth the cost.

Comment Re:What does SVN have to do with it? (Score 1) 482

Since SVN is a version control system, it can be used for things other than development. For example, I use the SVN repo at my office to store config files for my networking equipment. Makes it real easy to verify historical changes and provides a roll back point if necessary. Since SVN operates over HTTP(S), I could see the draw to use it for remote document/media storage as well. It may not have all the latest whizbang features one is looking for, but it will get the job done.

Comment Re:Yep, (Score 1) 298

If you can reach the source via RDP, than it must be a hacked webserver (SQL injection attack most likely). It takes effort to port-forward 3389. If in fact it's a home network, than I doubt it's a bot. Such activity would normally not go unnoticed by someone that network savvy. Or so, that's been experience.

Or, what I'd suspect is more likely, it's a workstation plugged directly into a broadband modem, thus getting a publicly addressable IP right on the NIC.

Comment Re:THIS ARTICLE IS BS (Score 1) 282


Dear *,
To reset your PlayStation(R)Network password, please click on the link below. This link will expire in 24 hours from the time that it was sent. The link will direct you to a PlayStation(R)Network web page and allow you to enter and confirm your new password.

. . .

Sure looks like it came from PSN to me.

Comment Re:It's even worse than that (Score 1) 610

Are . . . are you implying that DST exists to adjust for some error in our calendar system? If that were the case, wouldn't Arizona's current date have shifted as compared to other States, since they chose not to observe a completely optional practice?

You may want to read up a bit before posting further nonsense:

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