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Comment Re:That thing that just went over your head... (Score 1) 407

Maybe something like this?

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Comment Re:as long as they archive it, there's no problem (Score 1) 407

"So, as long as the mails sent and received using Gmail are subsequently archived somewhere, there's no problem. Whether they will be? Who knows."

If you've found a way to remove records of things once Google has it in their database, please, let us know!

In the meantime, I think we can assume these emails have a half-life greater than any naturally existing substance on the earth.

Comment Re:What is "human" to you? (Score 1) 509

You pretty much got it yourself.

I wouldn't bother questioning that these are "human" although I might argue that they aren't "humans". But I would say that being "human" carries no moral consequence.

Moral consequence derives from, firstly, the ability to suffer. Secondly, from the ability to desire to live, which is necessarily dependent on the ability to perceive of one's own self over time. It's this second ability from which the right to life derives. The right to freedom (along with some others) derives from the first ability.

Neither are present in a cluster of cells, regardless of the species they are associated with.

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