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Comment NoSQL - good tech, bad name (Score 1) 381

At the ACM site Michael Stonebraker wrote an article titled "The "NoSQL" Discussion has Nothing to Do With SQL" where he discusses how the NoSQL group is solving real problems, but using a name.. that well.. really has nothing to do with the problems getting solved.


For anyone not familiar with Stonebreaker..

Great article from someone who truly knows what he is talking about.

Comment Use book as ultimate reference (Score 1) 987

A few thoughts.
I once talked to someone who has written a few computer books and the input I got was that she was not getting much from the books. She mentioned that what the books did help with was stablishing yourself as a subject matter expert so you could get paid more when doing consulting/work in the field you wrote.

To that regard one possibility may be to do nothing about the pirated copies and/or let your publisher deal with it.

I also recall reading recently comments from a couple of publishers (including the owner from stardock) who basically said you loose more trying to fight pirates than by worrying only about paying customers. There will always be people willing to download some material for free that they would never be willing to pay for.

Comment Re:Who sponsors FreeBSD? (Score 1) 204

There are companies creating devices using FreeBSD code who does not advertise their use of FreeBSD. I know that some SAN companies and load balancing companies do this.

Because of FreeBSD license they can do this and because of it, they will continue to have engineers work on FreeBSD.

This type of arrangemts almost guarantees that FreeBSD will stay around.. but not be as widely noticed because these companies have absolutely zero interest on anyone knowing that they are using FreeBSD to power their devices.

Comment Virtualization still missing (Score 1) 204

I have used FreeBSD for many years and it is still my prefered server OS. However, as virtualization usage grows I think FreeBSD will take a hit for not having any virtualization, other than jails, that can use FreeBSD as the host OS.

Large companies that go with a bare metal virtualization like VMware ESX will likely not be impacted, but small to medium businesses that don't want to or can't afford bare metal virtualization will end up having to use windows or Linux to virtualize. Once you start to use another OS, the need to simplify how many OSs you keep may make some simply drop FreeBSD.


Submission + - Alternatives to freshmeat.net?

Dominican writes: For years http://freshmeat.net/ has been one of the best places to check for the latest releases of open source software. With their latest version and venture into the web 2.0 world the site has lost a lot of functionality and is harder to use.

Are there any other good sites where open source developers go to announce their latest version?

Comment Use a service (Score 1) 298

Given that the original poster wrote that "reading" about the technologies involved, seems that perhaps he has no experience on doing this setup or he has limited experience, finding an ISP to host the site may be a viable solution.

As others have pointed out, it is not high volume so almost any ISP should be able to handle the work.

This will allow the poster to work on the systems/programs to present the data and not worry about the infrastructure.

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