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Comment Oxytocin (Score 1) 216

I have a hypothesis, that if it can be proven is dynamite. When a female mammal breast feeds her young, the nerves in her nipples send signals to her limbic system, this then starts excreting oxytocin into her cerebral fluid and changes the way she feels.

My hypothesis is, the human foreskin contains around 20,000 nerve endings and they connect to the brain, in rougly the same area, as the nerves from the female nipples and like the nipples, make the male limbic system excrete oxytocin, this changes the male collective psyche, when done as a cultural practice.

The amazing thing about oxytocin is, it makes males behave more monogamously.

I've read somewhere or other, that before the diaspora, it was concidered, if you were Jewish to have more than one wife was ok. We all ready know that in islam, polygamy is considered ok.

So if the circumcised male has less oxytocin in his cerebral fluid, we have a major cause for behaviour in societies, where the majority of males are circumcised.

I have studied this subject for a good few years now, and have collected a lot of materials which you can study here http://dollyknot.com/circ.html

Comment Oxytocin (Score 3, Interesting) 216

In terms of mammals, is a fascinating neurotransmitter, because it's effect is different for males and females, get a room full of females and spray oxytocin in the air and all the females start being nicer to each other. Get a room full of males and do the same thing and the effect is different, all the males start being more competetive, here is the astonishing thing, it make the males more monogamous. When a female breast feeds the nerves in her nipples send signals to her limbic system, which starts producing oxytocin which alters her behaviour.

Comment It's not black or white (Score 1) 111

We all keep getting sold this crap, that it's black or white, it's either communism or capitalism and there is nothing in between.

Born and died in London, 1748 till 1838, we have Jeremy Bentham, he did come up with something in-between, he called it utilitarianism.

Capitalism is 'every man for himself', screw you, me first. And communism is, 'my way or the highway', so can't we do anything better than those two opposing systems?

Basically utilitarianism translates to, 'the maximum amount of good for the maximum number of people, this does not mean the government running restaurants, or making people all wearing the same colour and style of clothes.

But privatising national institutions like railways, does not make any sense, because it almost costs the same amount of money to run a train empty as to run it full.

Public WiFi falls into the same category as, mass public transport, in fact, public WiFi, helps good business it does not hinder it. Privatized WiFi means once the infrastructure is in place, fat cats get fatter, without doing anything, for anyone else, except raping their wallets and purses.

Comment A human base on the moon (Score 2) 313

Perhaps they have read my work. From http://dollyknot.com/nonlinear...
How do we get the whole thing off the ground?

I read of a beautiful idea in a scientific magazine called Omni. It suggested the use of virtual reality systems to control robots on the moon. This would enable us to build the first colony more efficiently because robots need only raw energy. We send a rocket to the moon, on the rocket we put machine tools and intelligent systems, with which can build both more machinery and the necessary superstructure to house a biosphere. We now have the ability to use our hands at a distance.

The high cost to the human race's colonisation of space, is caused by the complexity and danger of reaching and leaving escape velocity within the earth's atmosphere whilst carrying the fuel up from the earth's surface with which to do so.

The Space Shuttle turned out to be an expensive dangerous white elephant, the reason the Shuttle was so expensive is, because of its complexity with millions of different manufactured parts. There is another route, we can reach the edge of space no problem Burt Rutan proved this with Space Ship one, when he won the 'X' prize by reaching over 100 km twice in one week. Yes the Shuttle was 'reusable' but in name only. They could not have turned that around in a week. One idea could be to create rocket fuel on the moon, there is lots of water on the moon, use solar energy to split the moon's water into hydrogen and oxygen which makes very good rocket fuel. Use the rocket fuel to fuel a space tug, use the space tug to accelerate and decelerate Space Ship One, to and from escape velocity in the safety of a vacuum.

Comment Citizenship (Score 0) 120

These are issues that go back thousands of years to the ancient Greeks.

The concept of the citizen is that he/she has rights and responsibilities, this idea must have the full force of the law behind it. The idea of private armies and police forces must be ruthlessly stamped on by the forces of democracy.

Rule of law should be the King and Queen of public order.

The idea that things should be run by the likes of Al Capone, or corrupt law men like John Edgar Hoover, should be stamped on hard.

Comment Re:Related question re: Women's Chess (Score 1) 284

Well I did not get voted up or down, so thought I would add a bit more detail, to my post.
I wrote "There is another universal language, it is the language of 'logic'"

I consider the language of 'logic' to be boolean algebra.

I wrote "instead of things being run by a cabal hiding in the shadows"

According to Wikipedia, the first Gulf war ended on 28 February 1991.

I remember reading at the time, when the allied forces had reached the Iraqi borders, that both Generals Schwarzkopf and De la Billiere wanted to carry on to Baghdad, capture Saddam and have him tried as a war criminal, they were ordered not to by Colin Powell, I do not think Powell was running things, but was acting under orders from Bush the elder.

I find it hard to imagine, that an American President would not want international rule of law, sadly, the only explanation that makes any sense to me is, George Bush the elder, was told to end it there, by a cabal in the shadows, who did not want international law, and did not believe all men are cousins (whether they want to be or not) these people have far more power than is democratically realised.

How else can we explain the 12 years after, when the west tortured the Iraqi people by denying them international justice.

Comment Re:Related question re: Women's Chess (Score 1) 284

Basically it is a bribe to get more women playing, no more no less.

The more women that play, the more they will teach their sons to play.

Unlike most people, I don't see chess as an end in itself, but as a means to an end.

Chess is a universal human language, it matters not, how old you are, what race you are, or what sex you are, OTB we all start equal. (OTB = over the board)

There is another universal language, it is the language of 'logic', the fact that we now have computers that in terms of chess, can wipe the floor with all of us is evidence.

I have this mad dream of a democratically run UN with real teeth, by democratic, I mean a UN with delegates from each nation in proportion to it's population, voting on global law.

My idea is, that one of the qualifications required to be a UN delegate, is to have a demonstrated ability at logic, proven by a demonstratable chess ability, maybe an ELO of above 1600.

It is my guess, that this would lead to a better planet, in terms of how we treat each other and all the other species.

The current state of play is incredibly wasteful, with every separate nation armed to the teeth, with it's own army navy and airforce to protect it's Sovereignty.

I propose a different kind of Sovereignty, that being individual Sovereignty guarunteed by a global rule of law.

Then once we have global democratic rule of law, instead of things being run by a cabal hiding in the shadows, we can build a road to the stars.

Comment The door is only ajar (Score 1) 58

I don't think people have thought this through.

We lost two shuttles, Challenger and Columbia, one leaving the earth and the other returning. Attaining escape velocity and leaving escape velocity in the earth's atmosphere, is dangerous, expensive and quite frankly stupid.

There is evidence of water on the moon, believe it, or believe it not, water is condensed rocket fuel, use the water on the moon, to accelerate SpaceShipTwo, to escape velocity in the safety of the vacuum, that most of the of the universe seems to consist of.

If we can use our hands to fly drones around our planet, with which to kill people from thousands of miles away, we can use those same hands, to construct a rocket fuel plant on the moon, with telepresence. Ok a large capital cost to set it up, but once done, the door to the universe is truly open.

Fly a space tug to the moon and fuel it there, it returns to the earth, hooks up to SpaceShipTwo then whoosh.

Using rocket fuel that is already at escape velocity, probably takes more smarts, than a species with the apparent intelligence, not much higher, that of a gerbil possesses :(

Comment Frogpad user (Score 1) 147

I've been a FrogPad user for years and years after a stroke that affected my right hand.

I can comfortably touch type with it, I'm gutted that it is no longer made, I killed two of them by spilling wine on them, so there was issues of build quality.

Basically the thing just works and without it I'm lost, I can use a normal keyboard but love my FrogPad. So please Linda Marroquin, start producing your wonderful keyboard again, but this time, make it water proof.


Comment Fantastic (Score 1) 251

I've been saying this for a few years now, check out some of my recent posts, it's the obvious answer to the human colonisation of space. Instead of the dangerous practice of lifting fuel out of the earth's gravity well, use the fuel that is already up there, to reach and leave escape velocity.

Attaining and leaving escape velocity in the vacuum of space is much safer and cheaper, doing this with fuel from the moon makes it so.

Comment Re:Escape velocity is the biggest barrier to space (Score 1) 202

Yeah marvellous idea, but surely it would be cheaper to send up hydrogen in a balloon from the surface of the earth, it seems to want to head in that direction already.

Thanks for the improvement to my idea!!

Many years ago I read a scifi story, that proposed a big dome on the moon full of breathable air, that because we would only weigh a 6th of what we do on the earth, we could strap on a big pair of wings on and truly fly like a bird.

Let us make it so.

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