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Comment Happy SeaMonkey user (Score 1) 302

As someone that has never really liked Chrome, I've tried to stick with Firefox mostly because of its reliable blockers (AdBlock Plus and NoScript) but the direction FF has been taking has really not been that great. It's trying to be slick and basically turn into Chrome; all I've wanted is a simple, classic browser, and SeaMonkey is that, exactly, while keeping compatibility with many of FF's addons, like the all important ABP and NS.

My hope is that SM doesn't decide to go down the same dark road as Firefox in the future.

Comment Oracle can go fuck itself. (Score 1) 243

Failed companies are pathetic trolls trying to steal money from companies who rightfully and successfully use what is available. Oracle, you're irrelevant now. Leave Java to the community, accept that OOo has been taken over, and let everything else you are hoarding go as well, and find some other thing to do.

When companies make such desperate acts to gain money and fame, they deserve neither.

Comment Too bad (Score 0) 287

If I went blind, I wouldn't expect to be able to use computers and the internet, a primarily VISUAL medium. Why limit what can be done to half-ass a method for blind people to stumble around on?

I know this sounds very un-PC but damn, when you have a disability, deal with it, there are going to be some things closed off to you. You'll just have to do what you can.

Comment Dear GE: (Score 1) 797

I will never buy any CFL bulb from you or any other company. If you want my continued business, restore your production of incandescent bulbs.

You now join LCDs on my shitlist of useless, inferior technology being forced on consumers for no goddamn reason.

I hate you all.


Comment Goodbye video if this takes off (Score 2, Interesting) 143

As someone that is extremely left-eye dominant, 3d does not work for me. Period. I always wondered what the big deal about ViewMasters were when I was a kid, not realizing the things should be 3d (I saw them as two images of the same thing, well, one adjusted for the 3d effect everyone else was getting). If TV, movies and everything else starts following this the way everyone followed HD to screens that weren't compatible with my eyes either (any motion makes me sick, as I see horrible tearing and delays with LCD and plasma displays, even ones that are apparently the highest quality), I'm going to have to give up watching anything new.

Comment Re:"DirectX 11" Hardware? (Score -1, Troll) 103

Oh wow. Oh, fucking wow.

Not only did someone get so defensive about this as to MOD DOWN AN AC DOWN TO -1, but have flooded this discussion with replies that only show how corrupted people have gotten from Microsoft's way of doing things.

Let me tell you kids how things work in the real world, instead of Microsoft's imaginary fantasy land come to life:

Video cards are made that can do X and Y and Z. THEN -- as in AFTER THE CARDS ARE MADE -- APIs are created that give programmers the ability to access the video card's ability to do X and Y and Z.

The concept that it works the other way around -- that Microsoft creates an API that says "we want programmers to be able to do X and Y and Z" then TELLS VIDEO CARD MAKERS -- THE COMPANIES THAT CREATE THE VERY HARDWARE AND LOW-LEVEL THINGS THAT ENABLE GRAPHICS TO EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE -- to create cards that implement X and Y and Z -- is completely backwards and proof that we have really stopped understanding how things are supposed to function.

Here's a hint -- look up what API actually MEANS before spouting your Microsoft-centric garbage. I wouldn't be surprised if you were all Microsoft-paid trolls and marketers that are placing your twisted spin on things and making people continue to believe in your garbage. I know Microsoft hires people for this reason -- I've had people inside Microsoft admit to me that they do.

So either you're a bunch of paid trolls, or have been brainwashed by them to believe things that are completely backwards from the way things are supposed to be.

No wonder gaming these days is a horrible mess.

Comment How about yellow? (Score 2, Informative) 324

Now can we really make M&Ms (and tons of other foods) better by getting rid of the awful yellow dye garbage (tartrazine)? It's been shown to affect tons of people negatively and some even link it to childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder and hyperactivity.

Seriously, we can do without yellow foods or find something much safer, can't we? Why do we continue to put use this as a food dye when there are so many issues with it?

It's a real pain in the ass to analyze ingredient lists of every single thing I buy to make sure it doesn't have that in it, and it's in very non-obvious things as well (things that don't even look that yellow). Plus they don't draw attention to it like other food allergies, it's just hidden near the bottom of ingredient lists. And I'm sure I've accidentally had it at restaurants causing me to feel like crap and get headaches and feel sick afterwards.

Ban tartrazine.

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