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Comment Re:Europe (Score 1) 100

People can complain about the European patent system but they do a lot of things better than the USA: - Actually doing due diligence on first-discovery vs. the nonsensical "first to file"

How does that statement make any sense in light of this situation? The court is throwing out the patent because it can be proven that Apple has "first-discovery" before they "filed". In other words, they're fully acknowledging that the invention is novel and Apple is first, but---oops!---they filled out the paperwork in the wrong order. That doesn't sound like a "better" patent system to me, just stereotypical German.

Comment Re:The author is almost certainly lying (Score 1) 633

Agreed---he's being dishonest in some regard. My anecdotal experience with my Honda Insight (an $18k car, BTW) is that I get average 44 mpg on my regular commute, which is stop and go at an average speed of 20 mph. My particular commute, which can include at 5-10 minutes of idling per direction, absolutely kills non-hybrid cars gas mileage. When I do a trip the the airport, with mostly freeway speeds, I can get 55 mpg for an average of the whole trip.

Comment Re:The logic is... where? (Score 1) 326

Don't fool yourself into thinking that GPL 'is not about telling people what they cannot do' -- it sure as hell is.

While it does prohibit one from doing something I disagree that it's what "GPL is about", I see it as means to an end, and the end is what GPL is about.

I couldn't agree with you more when you write that "the end is what GPL is about"---and that's the crux of my analogy with communism. GPL works when everything is GPLed (or with a more permissive license). This means that the "end" is an elitist club of software with homogenous licensing. Everyone is open and playing by the same rules, nobody "gets ahead". This is perfectly wonderful ideal and it is, without a shadow of a doubt, an ideal that can only be created by "telling people what they cannot do."

It sounds to me like we agree. Whether it's what "GPL is about" or a "means to an end" is largely irrelevant from a practical perspective.

To be absolutely clear, I'm fine with people wanting to GPL their code, but they shouldn't delude themselves into thinking that they're not being restrictive or imposing rules. For anything that I open source, I think GPL is too restrictive. ge7 said it better than me when he wrote,

If you truly believe in open source, you should let anyone to decide what they do with the code. Some will contribute back, and those will be good contributions. Then some won't, nothing is lost. The same is why I think BSD license is much better GPL - if you truly believe in freedom, you let everyone to decide themselves. After all, open source was created to free people from proprietary code and people telling them what they can't do.

Comment Re:Anyone should be free to decide (Score 1) 326

Oh BS -- GPL is a pie-in-the-sky communist-like ideal in which you get kicked out of the commune if you actually try to assert some independence. That fine for sitting around and singing Kumbaya, but real open source is definitely closer to a BSD license as stated by the OP. Don't fool yourself into thinking that GPL 'is not about telling people what they cannot do' -- it sure as hell is.

Comment Re:Apple Grand Central Sucks (Score 1) 631

That doesn't answer the question. Obviously that's how you would have to design it. The question is what code would you have to write to accomplish what GCD with blocks allowed.

I mean, programmers execute something on a separate thread and then make notifications on the main the thread all the time. The beauty in GCD with blocks is what little code you have to write to accomplish that task. Having your code stay contextual (like in the wikipedia example) is far better than splitting it across multiple functions. Additionally, that concurrent task was automatically handed to a system-wide load balanced thread pool.

So, to answer the question just show the equivalent code in Java that maintains the same benefits that GCD does.

Comment Re:Apple Grand Central Sucks (Score 1) 631

I think that the usage patterns with GCD are a little bit more broad than you're giving it credit for. Your audio processing example, for example, works just fine with other more primitive parallelization libraries. You could have easily done that with NSOperation before GCD was around. The question is can you do the equivalent to the -analyzeDocument example in this wikipedia article, with your Java API? It's an honest question, BTW.

Comment Re:Media Hysteria (Score 1) 1343

I agree completely -- you leave a loaded gun and a three year alone in a room together, what do you think is going to happen? Of course the three year old is going to play with and examine the new object! At that age they are just naive and curious explorers with little fear. The Wii controller has little to do with this.

Comment Re:My thoughts (Score 1) 1051

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't internet ads generate their revenue through the amount of clicks they incur? I know Google's ads do this.

RTFA. From the THIRD and FOURTH sentences in the article,

There is an oft-stated misconception that if a user never clicks on ads, then blocking them won't hurt a site financially. This is wrong.

Comment Re:Sorry Ars, you are animated too (Score 2, Informative) 1051

They addressed exactly the issue you cite in the fourth comment of the article. From the comment,

When you disable Flash completely, we serve up static backup ads. Flashblock, however, breaks this so it's effectively the same as running a dedicated ad blocker. It's more a technical problem with Flashblock, though.

Comment Re:Take Both (Score 1) 466

That's a really annoying answer, but completely correct.

The math classes aren't just about learning the topics, but learning how to approach a problem. I think your goal should be to have strong enough fundamentals in mathematics that when you encounter a math problem in a topic you haven't seen before, you are comfortable pulling out a book and figuring out how to solve it. It sounds like you're not very comfortable with mathematics, so a good solution is to take enough classes that you do become comfortable.

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