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Comment unplug the antenna (Score 2) 140

Most PCs with built in wifi have a couple antennas in the top of the case, connected by wires to a wireless card in a pci-e slot. That's so the antennas get better signal than they could deep inside on the card. It's usually on a card, because wifi standards vary across countries, so it's easier to put in the right card, than to make a new motherboard per region. Open it up, unplug the antenna, and remove the card. If the wireless is actually built in to the motherboard, then unplug the antennas, and wrap insulated tin foil around the card.

Comment Pale Moon is very nice (Score 4, Informative) 225

I've been using Pale Moon for a couple years. I hated when Firefox went to the Australis, chrome clone, interface. I hated when Firefox kept deleting features, especially preferences. Pale Moon is lighter, faster, more customizable, and pays more attention to security ideas. They were the first to deal with html5 canvas fingerprinting.

On the down side, I do occasionally find a site that won't work. I'm not entirely sure if it's Pale Moon, or my combination of script and ad blockers. It's usually a fluff entertainment site, and I don't care enough to turn them all off, or fire up chrome.

Comment Re:Most of the web really sucks (Score 1) 325

Um, I think you lost a zero. The speed of light in a vacuum is 299792458 meters per second, so your 300,000 km/s figure is more than close enough. However, in a single mode glass fiber, it's about 2/3 of that, around 200,000 km/s. 3000 km / 200,000 is 15 ms, and the round trip would be a minimum of 30 ms.


Comment what else do they look for? (Score 5, Insightful) 389

This one was a possible paedophile. Since it was only one photo, it was probably something sent to him, or from a popup on some random website.

What else do they look for? Credit card numbers? Tax records? Other identity theft info? Anything embarrassing they can ransom?

The other problem is they used a tool to scan unallocated space for deleted files. That takes time. Are they charging customers for that extra time?

Comment Re:Very misleading article (Score 1) 73

Specifically, they managed to do addition, with modulus, and without any overflow detection, in multi-state ReRAM. Basicly, each cell can hold an analog level, that can be read as 0 through 5. You write it by resetting it to 0, then hitting it with the right constant current for the right amount of time to set it to a particular value, for example 3. If you skip the reset part, and write a 2, the effects add, and the cell ends up with a 5. If you write too much, it wraps around. Theoretically, you could use this to add two vectors by writing one, then the other. However, any overflow would be lost. Maybe it could be useful for crypto hashes and stuff like that.

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