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Comment No Competition for Tesla whatever... (Score -1) 213

According to Porsche, the car when its made will charge faster and go 0-60 faster. Big whoop.

What nobody seems to get is the astonishing value added by Tesla's Supercharger network.Coast to coast. For Free. Forever.

Until BMW/Mercedes/Porsche/GM/Ford/whoever can offer that, Tesla is unassailable. It's like they're selling Web Browsers to a world without internet.

Comment Re:Since when are HTML & CSS programming langu (Score -1) 132

I disagree. They are most assuredly scripting languages for rendering engines/interpreters. Have you any experience with CSS3 and HTML5? I have seen many examples of HTML/CSS that are indistinguishable from "programs". It's a pretty arbitrary position to say they are not programming languages.

Comment Drunk on your own kool-aid... (Score -1) 373

Hackers and hacking cars is bullshit. Yes they can do it. As always, anybody with physical access to a device can do anything they want to it; eventually. By physical access, I mean the turds that took over a jeep from ten miles away had access to the car and it's systems before the hack. They had a MAC address or other fixed electronic signature that they could sort out of the billions of signals floating through the air and single out the one data stream as a specific vehicle with a specific vulnerability. They also had specific knowledge that the cars telemetry system was paid up and operating. There is absolutely ZERO chance some dipshit dingdong can take over *your* car w/o days or weeks of preparations and your permission to do it; especially if you don't pay for OTA services.

Nobody, anywhere can just pick a convo out of a sprint network and say "that's the red jeep up ahead". Only the techno-feebs reporting news believe that.

This whole thing is just a bunch of feebs trying to scare people and extort money. Yes there are some specific problems with onStar. Its GM. WTF do you expect from the crown prince of clown cars? Hacking has nothing to do with it. Remote Start is a stupid idea that never should have been sold or bought. It's illegal in many states to leave a car running unattended for a *reason*. I don't know how GM gets away with it. But I digress, even OnStar doesn't work unless you pay for it; and why do you need services like that? Your cell phone doesn't work? You can't stop locking your keys in your car or you can't affor a locksmith for the one time you do?

This is as overblown as all the other hacker mythology. Media hysteria. The lay public thinks Abby Scuito and Timmy McGee can just click a few keys and "crack" any security anywhere; nevermind the incestuous Mr. reality nobody can do shit without user stupidity, social engineering and/or physical access to the device being "hacked".

If you are actually afraid of this, you can take pills for it to calm you down.

OK, so a few people can, with sufficient expertise and equipment (like 10 people and exactly none of *you*), pop the locks on some VWs and some other some shit like that. I can do that too; with a glass hammer...lots quicker. Steal a car with keyless start or over-ride the ignition disabler? So what? I have insurance and police for that. It's much cheaper than all the bullshit needed to make it impossible(and won't stop it anyway). If someone really wants your car, all they need is a tow-truck.

Government? Really? You want Carnivore/Echelon/Prism in your car? Then you'll be really secure.

Get over it. Let the free market take care of itself and please keep Uncle Sam out of car systems.

Comment "oh." You say. " Thumbs Up!" (Score 0) 184

If this were Windows or OSX, you people would be shitting on it like sick Hogs for weeks on end.

Instead, several of you call it a triumph of open source!? What a fantasy.

There have been at least two kernel releases since this cropped up. That means nobody even looked. *Outsiders* had to find it.

Linus must be rolling over in his grave 'cause sure as shit he's mortified to death.

Submission + - DRM Torpedos Keurig Stock 1

An anonymous reader writes: Green Mountain (Keurig) stock dropped by 10% this morning after a brutal earnings report. The reason? CNN Money reports that DRM has weakened sales of their Keurig 2.0. CEO Brian Kelley admits, "Quite honestly, we were wrong."

Comment Bogus Characterization (Score -1) 425

You can't teach imagination, creativity, or ingenuity.
Rockstar programmers have all three, as well as passion( usually).
Behavior of the 10x programmer is not "toxic" so much as humiliating to those that work with him.
Time and again, what is obvious to genius is invisible to the drones around him. Constantly challenged to prove these things again and again leads to frustration and finally contempt for co workers which is eventually returned. The principle cause in my experience is often managerial insistence that all coders are equal and replaceable parts. Everyone knows it's a lie, when the chips are down Mr. 10xis everyone's best friend. Nobody likes to admit the truth: other people are's not PC

Comment Re:Why do they not have the paper as backup? (Score 0) 263

Absolutely nothing would happen in flight. It has nothing to with in-flight operation. In flight they only need it when the plane is broken, and we all know they can't fly broken planes anymore anyway...the "black bags" were all filled with porn magazines anyway.

As to why no paper, 6700 flight per day x 32 Kg = 35,570 metric TONS of useless weight flying around.

Its a business, sweetie-pie. Wasted weight = wasted fuel or lost capacity.

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