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Submission + - smarter and safer--myspace users get savvy

cheryl writes: FAU and UW professors have teamed up to discover that teens using myspace are thinking twice prior to posting their personal information states an article posted on the Miami Herald this morning: ates/florida/counties/broward_county/16378589.htm Findings include maintaining a private profile and being selective in choosing which pics to upload — provocative or not — can help prevent unwanted attention, which the majority of users are doing.

Brightest Supernova Discovered 63

Maggie McKee writes "Astronomers have spotted the brightest supernova ever seen — it is intrinsically two to three times brighter than any previously recorded. It has many characteristics of a type Ia explosion, but has hydrogen in its spectrum, unlike other type Ia's. That suggests that this supernova resulted from the collision of two stars — most likely a white dwarf and a red giant — rather than from an exploding white dwarf. If so, it might affect the interpretation of previous cosmological studies that depend on type Ia 'standard candle' observations, like dark energy. But other astronomers say merger-triggered explosions are probably rare and therefore won't throw a wrench in the works."

Bush Claims Mail Can Be Opened Without Warrant 714

don_combatant writes to note that President Bush claimed new powers to search US mail without a warrant. He made this claim in a "signing statement" at the time he signed a postal overhaul bill into law on December 20. The signing statement directly contradicts part of the bill he signed, which explicitly reinforces protections of first-class mail from searches without a court's approval. According to the article, "A top Senate Intelligence Committee aide promised a review of Bush's move."

Submission + - How to Mashup Mileage for Tax Relief

Kligmond writes: "If, like most of us, you have no idea how many business-related miles you drove last year, check out Mileage Calculator, a mashup tool designed to quickly construct or reconstruct those elusive year-end mileage reports tax preparers clamor for each year.

Track Your Calendar, Track Your Mileage

Created by Recursive Function, developers of the popular Ponyfish RSS tool, Mileage Calculator uses Google Maps and your Google Calendar to pull your mileage records into a .csv file that can be downloaded into a spreadsheet. For more about the developer visit"

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