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Comment Re:Remember kids (Score 1) 604

The whole point of moving to America (in those days, the colonies) was to do your own type of religious persecution.

Not for everyone. Pennsylvania is so much bigger than all the New England states because the Quakers who founded it left everyone alone about their religion. There was no reason for them to break up on religious lines.

Comment Re:Back in the old days... (Score 1) 630

So there were seven different women you had sex with within a week, and you're complaining that *they* went too fast?

There may have been some who were just looking for a hookup, but some people just want to verify sex isn't going to be a problem before they waste a lot of time on a relationship that isn't going to work.

Comment Re:ABSOLUTELY !! (Score 1) 332

That could just be an application service provider.

I'm not sure how the cloud databases are supposed to work, but for simpler file storage, you tell the provider "Here, keep this for me", and it will make copies of it on several of it's many servers. When you ask for the file back, it will return whichever was most convenient, and you don't have to worry about the details.

It's probably being kept on $300 PCs, but if it's kept on ten of them in four different cities, that's fine. That data could get lost from a software problem, but hardware failure won't take it down.

Comment Re:Area 51 Syndrome (Score 1) 232

Nobody denies Area 51 exists. It's famous for reasons other than the alien business; it's usually known in the Air Force as Groom Lake or Dreamland, and it's where they test all the new and experimental aircraft.

The F-117 was flying there for ten years or so before the Air Force actually admitted its existence. They never denied that they had things they weren't telling us about, though.

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