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Comment Re:Good to see intelligence rewarded for once. (Score 1) 241

I have seen bottles stretched to 3x their normal size, and some blown inside out... depending on how violently the chemicals react there can be quite a bit of pressure beyond a small leak. I have also seen bottles blow over 30 feet in the air... these are not Mentos bombs or lit matches...

Comment A violation of Federal law - (Score 1) 1078

This is printed on every bottle of toilet bowl cleaner: =================== Warnings & Directions Directions for Use: It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Read the entire label before using product. Warnings & Directions =================== It doesn't take an 'A' student to realize that performing an unauthorized 'experiment' with dangerous chemicals on school property is a bad idea...I'm sure she had seen the YouTube videos of a 'Works Bomb"... oh, did I say bomb? Yes, these pack a devastating wallop and spray caustic chemicals... Tell me again how race have anything to do with it?

Comment Re:It's a practicality issue (Score 1) 490

Every "green" vehicle with the exception of a Tesla, is a big dork-mobile. Excuse me, tiny dork-mobile..

My 32-year-old Comuta-Car may be a tiny dork-mobile, but I can drive to work and back home for less than a dime and could feasibly go almost a week without needing to plug it in to charge. I have an 8 mile round trip to work and back. I can't get my Triumph motorcycle warmed up or my Dakota truck started for a dime, how about you?

Comment Re:Doom? (Score 1) 585

I still have my Hacked STEREO C64 with built in Epyx FastLoad, along with 3 or 4 more C64s of every generation, several VIC20s, a few C128s, a couple of Apple IIe/c/ 16M TimexSinclair TS1000, and a garage and basement full of PCs of every description. I no longer have my PET or RadioShack Model I, but I do have my Compaq Portable III lunchbox with red plasma display. You can stay on my lawn, just grab that push mower while your standing there!

Comment Spoiler for looks, not function (Score 1) 20

Bobby commented about the wing in the video for the first speed record... it is more for appearances because the kids like it. Bobby Cleveland is a great guy and someone that I'm proud to call a friend... he is the most polite southern boy you'd ever care to meet and he knows his engines... that's why Gold Eagle hires him to drive that big transport truck around as the Engine Answer Man.

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