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For looking at my story and accepting it. Even if it was not selected as the article to hit the front page because of my terrible formatting and editing. I'm new to slashdot and still trying to learn the ropes! Please be forgiving:) This news story caught my eye and immediately scared me a little that the FCC has any type of authority to shut down communications networks. How can shutting down access to emergency service numbers and other people ever help? Are we going to shut down local networks if we believe "terrorists" are about to commit an act of violence? I personally do not see a reason to ever stifle speech, good or bad. The amendment is there to protect the minority. Not the majority.
Your Rights Online

Submission + - FCC Wants to shut down cellular networks (

DnaK writes: "The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing whether or when the police and other government officials can intentionally interrupt cellphone and Internet service to protect public safety. "

A scary proposition which will easily become a first amendment issue. Does the FCC have the authority to take down cellular networks if they determine there is an imminent threat? The FCC is currently asking for public input on this decision.

Comment Re:Privelege (Score 2) 482

At least i can speak how i feel even if it means getting criticism for what i have said. As opposed to you, who posts as an AC. You are right, i was in "the wrong" for that case, but the POINT i'm trying to make, is he LIED. Guilty or innocent, he LIED. And as far as i'm concerned a cop that LIES to the judge is far WORSE then me riding the median. You are right, i was guilty, but LYING to a judge, no matter how small, is FAR worse then what i did.

Comment Re:Privelege (Score 4, Interesting) 482

It is scary how true your statement is. The one time the cops were on my side during a home robbery at my place, i got a ride home from a cop after getting my stuff at the station (we got the guy!) Well as we drive home he blows every stopsign and stoplight without turning on his lights, and i ask him "Is'nt that illegal?" In a very sarcastic tone. His reply, "Who is going to arrest me" And those are direct quotes. Another time i was pulled over for "driving on the median" and in the report it had said i was in the middle median (double yellow both sides) for over 300 ft. When in reality i had only had 2 wheels cross the double yellow line for less then 50 ft. I please not guilty in court, and asked for video evidence and claimed this was a lie. The judge ruled in cops favor, even though he was blatenly lying. I will admit i don't always follow the rules, the only other time i got a ticket it was totally justified, i was going 52 in a 35. I please guilty, but it was removed from record because of traffic school.

Comment Re:Highway lights??? (Score 1) 348

Most street lamps are HID lights. [HPS, MH, MV lamps] Which means every time you flip it off, you have to wait 5~ min until the bulb relights, and 5 more min until it is fully lit. System like that would only work for incandescent lighting, which already burns FAR more energy per lumen then HID lighting does.

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I post regular gaming clips. Which i know are copyrighted works, but recently a fallout new vegas play-through of mine was nipped by a company called "IMG media UK" for visual content. Well, i made sure to check every owner of copyright associated with fallout new vegas and sure enough they have nothing to do with he game. One dispute later the claim was removed. Only to have they put the claim back after a week as if i would not notice. I file another dispute and the claim disappears yet again. I was told the companies know what they are doing in claiming your videos but most are smart enough to remove the claim if you dispute it BECAUASE of the illegal nature of the business. No, they don't think they own the copyright on your video. They just want $$$

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