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Comment Xerox copiers changing numbers - vs. previous NSA? (Score 1) 290

Does no one remember the previous revelation that Xerox color printers were printing "serial number" coded "not visible to the naked eye" codes on all color prints? This seems to have been secretly installed in the equipment for the convenience of some government agency.. (think Treasury, i.e. copying currency images)

How could a .jpg algorithim only substitute numbers for numbers - vs. random alphanumeric characters? unless the machine was converting the contents via OCR.. possibly to forward to? Most of those machines do now have internet connections..

Comment "Miracle AMD cure via laser" (Score 1) 95

There are several types of lasers that are used on eyes.

Some reshape the cornea, to improve visual refraction/vision. (aka LASIK, or PRK)
Some clear "secondary cataracts", via breaking up "posterior lens capsule, secondary cataracts" (aka Yag laser)
Some stimulate the retina to react in ways that cause it to respond in a manner that mitigates damage "in progress" - this is most commonly effective in diabetic retinopathy treatment.

While it is possible, I have never seen any evidence of laser being effective against AMD.. ("Lucentis", and a couple of other drugs have demonstrated some efficacy.. )


P.S. I have attended a dozen ARVO meetings, and many of the scientific sessions, and this subject has not appeared, with evidence of efficacy.. (wife is a retina surgeon)

Comment Re:The epitome of unbiased summaries (Score 1) 430

Two years ago, I discovered podcasts. My car radio has not been off for two years. I now see more video via the Internet and podcasts than network television or radio.. NBC / M$ Vista are going to make it more difficult to view network television, with the "broadcast flag". This is easily "worked around", but probably not worth the trouble. Today, CBS/Viacom announced their $1.8B purchase of CNet - one of the most prolific producers of the media that I prefer. I believe that CBS is beginning to to understand the "new media" market, and NBC should have been put on GE's "auction block", along with GE appliances, this week - they are both "declining markets". This will probably be a "B School" case study within the next few years.

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