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Submission + - Ocean Cleanup concludes Mega Expedition of Great Pacific Garbage Patch (

hypnosec writes: The reconnaissance mission of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch dubbed the Mega Expedition by Ocean Clean has been concluded and the large-scale cleanup of the area is set to begin in 2020. The primary goal of the Mega Expedition was to accurately determine how much plastic is floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This was the first time large pieces of plastic, such as ghost nets and Japanese tsunami debris, have been quantified.

Comment Re:Simple, no malice from Lenovo (Score 5, Insightful) 163

The problem is that this feature mostly targets users who are trying to get rid of lenovo software. On a laptop you would normally restore your system or reinstall windows using the recovery partition which is full of vendor-added software. If you went through the trouble of installing a clean version of windows (by finding an OEM install of windows you can use your key with) it probably means that you expect your installation to be clean of any lenovo software. But guess what, you still end up with Lenovo software installed behind your back. I'm not saying there is absolutely no good reason to have the Lenovo software installed, but they could at least prompt you with a message like "We detected that you are running a fresh installation of windows, would you like to install our software to improve the performances of your computer and fix known hardware problems ?". Then it's your choice to go along with their software or handle the possible windows update mess yourself like a responsible geek.

Comment Re:Say Russia did it for the purpose of argument.. (Score 3, Interesting) 249

Well the French government decided to cancel the delivery of 2 "Mistral" battleships that Russia had ordered. This was a way of condemning the role that Russia played in Ukraine. The result: a huge cancellation fee will be payed to Russia and now France must find new buyers for the 2 ships. It leaves you wondering who the sanction was really against ...

Comment What about also focusing on features ? (Score 2) 136

I am very glad that AMD is improving the performance of their driver on Linux but I wish they would focus more on adding features that have been present on Windows for years. For instance, support for hybrid AMD/Intel graphics really sucks on linux laptops. You have to manually select the graphics card you want to use and restart your computer each time you want to switch between desktop use and gaming. On windows you can select which card to use for each application. Overheating and battery usage is also worse on linux than on windows. Finally, I wish suspend/wake would work as flawlessly on linux with the fglrx driver as it does on windows.

Comment Re:Not losing much... (Score 1) 272

Even though the 64-bit linux version was an alpha release, it worked rather well and was definitely a serious alternative to using the 32-but version along with nspluginwrapper. I have been using it for some time without any major problem. Fullscreen video playing still sucks, but huh, we're talking about flash right ?

Comment Re:epic fail (Score 1) 393

Well, they definetely both leave the same impression of scientists trying to obtain a large media coverage (and funding ?) with strange experiments involving machines and humans. The problem is there is really nothing interesting coming out of these experiments apart from demonstrating the obvious.

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