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Comment Only a few things (Score 1) 427

First up; I have type three Ehlers-Danlos, which means that my joints randomly dislocate, and I take huge amounts of analgesia. Sometimes I have to deliberately take a larger dose than I am supposed to to get home if I don't have my wheelchair with me. This leads to episodes of confusion. So a nice big simple In Case Of Emergency button would be exceptionally helpful if I fall over or get too out of it. Additionally, the ability to have it remind me to take medication would be helpful. The ability to pull up Maps and navigate without having to pull out a device; it is not easy to defend myself. Finally, robust remote media controls for the paired phone or tablet. When I pass through crowded stations, particularly Westminster or London Liverpool Street, in my wheelchair, I occasionally get absolute fucking morons walking into me, despite flashing lights on my wheels and on the crutches on the back of the chair at about head height. To deal with this, I keep a set of quite loud Bluetooth speakers mounted to me chair, and blast metal as I travel. This also motivates my pushing. The ability to easily control this from my wrist, without having to dig into my pouch, would be very helpful. Oh, and telling the time would be a nice bonus, too.

Comment Re:Advice on English Prepaid SIM (Score 1) 81

If you want data, O2 or 3 are the way to go.

If you want a cheap phone you can just bin at the end of your stay, Tesco sell a pay as you go for £15 - it used to come with £10 credit already on it, but I don't know if that still holds true. Tesco also just resell O2 airtime, so make of that what you will. Note that Tesco will also multiply credit at certain levels - if you put in £10, they'll triple it to £30, £15 gets you £45 and £20 gets you £60. 1GB is £7.50 - but make sure to request a Data Bundle.

Three really only shine on Contracts - don't know much about their tarrifs.

Orange, which along with T-Mobile forms Everything Everywhere, will give you what is effectively a contract level of access, provided you pay in at least £10 pcm, and what you get varies by the profile - I believe I'm on Dolphin, which means I get a buttload of texts, very little talktime and meagre data.

Comment Re:what about stoping Theft? (Score 2) 199

You can make a PCI blank with a set of crenellations in; Loop your peripheral cables through said crenellations, padlock your case shut, lock it to the desk and you're good.

You can also buy expansion blanks with the crenellations already in, but you've probably got a load laying about anyway....

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